• Kilter Europe - All Jib Pack

Kilter Europe - All Jib Pack

$ 1,020.00


Jibs made for your volumes! Our complete European jib line at a 20% discount shipped straight to your North American address. Price includes shipping, handling, and duties (Colorado residents will still have CO State tax).

The All Jib Pack includes 16 sets - 138 holds - and weighs just over 59 pounds:

  1. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 1 (KX001)
  2. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 2 (KX002)
  3. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 3 (KX003)
  4. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 4 (KX004)
  5. Font Jib Plates Large Set 1 (KX005)
  6. Font Jib Plates Large Set 2 (KX006)
  7. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 5 (KX008)
  8. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 6 (KX009)
  9. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 7 (KX010)
  10. Sandstone Mega Jibs Set 1 - Big Flat Hueco (KX026)
  11. Sandstone Jibs Set 1 - Edges and Incuts (KX027)
  12. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 8 (KX028)
  13. Granite Mega Jibs Set 1 - Granite Plate (KX029)
  14. Granite Jibs Set 1 (KX031)
  15. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 9 - Rails (KX032)
  16. Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 10 - Slopers (KX033)

NORTH AMERICA - Kilter Europe is now available to ship directly from the factory in Bulgaria to your gym in North America. Production turnaround is similar to Aragon, in that it varies from 4-6 weeks for most orders, and is sometimes faster. Shipping takes around 10 days. To order the All Jib Pack just checkout normally through the website, and make sure to put your shipping address in the notes if it's different from your billing address. This pricing includes duties, handling, and shipping.

Colors - Dannomond is currently available in 9 Composite-X colors, which will match other Composite X colors. There are some US color matches now, so when you order make sure to choose Euro or US match colors. Composite-X are constantly working to match more and more US match colors, so always check in when making an order.


Aragon Elastomeric PU/Composite-X Dannomond Color Matches:

Black is the best Composite-X/Aragon match. 

Composite-X's versions of Purple 07-13, Orange 14-01, Dark Green 16-16 are fairly close to Aragon. Composite-X's Fluoro Orange is fairly close to Aragon's Day Glo Orange 14-11.

Dannomond is now available in white. We are not sure how well it matches Aragon's white. Will update when we see a sample.


Other Colors:

Composite-X's Sky Blue and Bright Yellow are close enough to Aragon for some gyms, but they are definitely not the same as Aragon's Blue and Yellow.

Composite-X's Fluoro Pink is unstable, meaning it is not guaranteed to be the same every time, and it does NOT match Aragon 11-26 pink. 

Composite-X makes a Lime Green that is supposed to match Aragon 16-09 but so far it does not match perfectly, it is a bit darker still.

Email us with color or other questions.

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