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COVID-19 UPDATE 16 (2/22/2021): MORE COLORS and NEW STEALTH PACKS! We have some sets in more different colors including dune (dark sand), dark blue, dark red, eggshell (light sand), and Kilter's original launch colors of light purple, light blue, and squash orange. For new sets in stock, we have added Peter Juhl's newest Stealth Wrapped Crimp Edges and Stealth Packs, more of our most popular Sandstone, Regs Jugs, and brand new Jeremy Ho Dune Roof Jugs. 

We have three kinds of stock:

Type 1) In House Stock sets/In House Packs: These are popular home wall sets we have been ordering in batches from our manufacturer so they are the same high quality material you expect from Kilter and Urban Plastix. These will normally ship same day or next day unless it's the weekend. Sometimes it takes a few days if we have to pick up a set from Type 2) to go with your Type 1) in-house stock. We also have some packs of sets and single stock sets we've ended up with one way or another. Last stock came in the week of Feb 22nd.

Type 2) Manufacturer Stock Sets US/Aragon: these are available to ship relatively quickly, usually ship within a few days to a week, but our manufacturer is often too backed up to ship same or next day. Kaiju, 2XL and hold sets that only have 1 color option are usually a Manufacturer Stock item that will not be replenished regularly so if you want any of these unique sets or larger holds we recommend grabbing them!

3) Manufacturer's Stock - Composite-X/Bulgaria Packs: Packs of holds in stock and ready to ship right away from Bulgaria straight to you. These should ship quickly and will have a European ship charge that is calculated at checkout. These packs have an additional discount on them to help with the unavoidable ship charge.

4) Hardware: Most hardware and tools are in stock but they are going fast so sometimes they get backordered for a few days. We have not had any significant hardware delays so far.

If you want recommendations please email and describe your situation (wall angle, grade needs, any preferences).

If you want stuff that we can guarantee a next-day ship date for, please email us at and we will help.

US-made hold prices include .01¢ shipping and handling to lower-48 U.S. locations only. Discounted shipping to Canada and Mexico will be quoted once order is made, and then you can opt in or out. 

Colors are fixed and these sets are first-come, first-served. Inventory levels are current and updated with each order and when stocks are replenished.


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Colors vary and do not necessarily match pictures below. See product for available stock color/s.

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