• Home Wall Starter Pack 1 - Mini-Jugs, Incuts and Positive Feet (STOCK)

Home Wall Starter Pack 1 - Mini-Jugs, Incuts and Positive Feet (STOCK)

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Home Wall Starter Pack 1 features incut hands and positive knobby feet. These give a good variety of useful holds that can be climbed at many difficulties depending on your wall angle/s. This pack has:

K015 Winter Mini-Jugs (10)  This set includes comfortable positive mini-jugs and a few that are very positive full hand jugs for 1 hand. These are not as fat and puffy as our matchable Roof Jugs, for example, but are very positive and will be fairly easy on vert - low overhangs, then medium difficulty on steeper overhangs. They are even good for small hands due to smaller edge radius and positivity of grip. Average size is comfortable single-hand grip for most adults. Rotating photos of this set here: K015

K004 Winter Small 1 Steep Crimps (10)  1-1.5 pad incuts and incut crimps and one winged pinch. These are not super puffy meaning they'll be most comfortable on slightly overhanging walls. If you do have a vertical wall, they will feel slightly crisper  due to smaller edge radius (not as fat as our "puffy" sets) but, like K015, that feature makes them work well for kids/small hands. In the photo these look smaller than they are--it's just a scaling issue for combined photos. These are just slightly smaller on average than K015 and still have space for a full 4-finger grip for most adult hand sizes. Examine them further with rotating 360 photo here: K004

UP025 Knobby Feet (9)  This is an excellent pack of positive feet that can be used on any angle from slab to horizontal roof. Good for praciticing stepping on a specific part of your shoe and rewarding you greatly for doing so. The photo makes them look a little larger than they are compared to the others in this pack. Use the credit-card sized metro card in the center for reference of this set or click here for a close up: UP25

Sets Included:

K015 - Yellow 15-12 (upper, lime green in photo)

K004 - Blue 13-01 (lower left, lime green in photo)

UP025 - Black 18-01 (lower right, red in photo)

Stock Colors:

We have each of these sets in Red 11-12, Orange 14-01, Yellow 15-12, Green 16-16, Blue 13-01, Purple 07-13, Bright Pink 11-26, and Black 18-01. When you order you can request specific colors for each set or 1 color for all 3 sets, just write in notes what you want and we'll do our best to accommodate. Thanks!


Any depending on angle


Kilter sets shaped by Ian Powell 2013      UP set shaped by Peter Juhl 2012

Hardware Included: Bolts x29

This pack does not ship free due to the discount structure. Thanks!

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