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Kilter Europe - Stella Granite Large 1 - Puffy Junction Balls - KXKD002

$ 112.00


The first Keith's Stella to be molded in Europe! Classic Stella pinch balls with Granite texture. Good compliment to Stella, Granite, and Granite Teagan lines.

Difficulty: Any depending on angle, mostly Intermediate/Advanced/Open

5 Grips

Smooth and Granite Texture      Keith Dickey      Winter 2018

Royalties from the sale of these holds will go to Keith's family.


NORTH AMERICA - Kilter and UP Europe are now available to ship directly from the factory in Bulgaria to your gym in North America. Production turnaround is similar to Aragon, in that it varies from 4-6 weeks for most orders, and is sometimes faster. Shipping takes around 10 days. To order the All Jib Pack just checkout normally through the website, and make sure to put your shipping address in the notes if it's different from your billing address. This pricing includes duties, handling, and shipping.

Colors - Please read our color options page for an explanation of Setter Closet US and Europe color variants.


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