• Not Font Kaiju 1 - Stalactite - UPX023

Not Font Kaiju 1 - Stalactite - UPX023

$ 160.00


Brand new shape from Urban Plastix' European line! Kaiju sized stalactite in the classic Not Font style. It's basically a small mountain, and you can almost see the Grinch tipping his sled full of all the Who's presents off the tip.


1 Grip

Not Font Texture      Peter Juhl      2018

NORTH AMERICA - Urban Plastix Europe is now availalble to ship directly from the factory in Bulgaria to your gym in North America for a flat fee of $50/order + $1/lb of holds, calculated automatically during checkout. Turnaround is similar to Aragon, in that it varies from 4-6 weeks for most orders, and is sometimes faster.

Produced at Composite X in Europe. Available in all countries in Dannomond urethane.

Colors - Colors are currently Dannomond Composite X colors, which will match other Composite X colors. Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Orange are not very stable colors, and Composite-X will not guarantee them to be consistent. You can check when making an order what the current version is looking like, or, better, just order a stable color. They have white now too, but it is not guaranteed to stay white and will most certainly start to yellow with time.

Composite-X and US matches: Composite-X are working to match more US colors and Aragon has matched some Composite-X colors, so always check in when making an order.

Black is the best match. It matches Aragon Black. 

Composite-X has made a match for Aragon Orange 14-01 and Aragon Dark Green 16-16. They are fairly close.

Composite-X also has an acceptable match for Aragon Purple 07-13. This does NOT match Aragon's dark purple.

Dannomond's Sky Blue and Bright Yellow are close enough to Aragon for some gyms, but they are definitely not the same as Aragon's Blue or Yellow.

Composite-X is working on Aragon Lime Green 16-09. So far it is not the same.

Aragon has made a close match for Composite-X Fluoro Green. It is called Alien Green and is color code 16-29. Unfortunately, Comp-X's fluoro green is not super stable so if you're super picky we'd suggest another color instead.

Email us with color or other questions.

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