• Rainbow K Stickers
  • Rainbow K Stickers

Rainbow K Stickers

$ 4.00


High quality die cut matte stickers.

Order holds, and/or a hoodie, tee or tank and request a free rainbow K. Otherwise you can get one in a sticker pack here.

Sticker packs ship free in the US, may have a small additional cost for International (just email us for a quote, will probably be a few $ at most):

Small Rainbow K Pack: Three of the smaller 3" rainbow K stickers.

Large Rainbow K Pack: Two large 7" rainbow K and two smaller 3" rainbow K stickers. Takes a bigger envelope so costs a little more.

Add a Magnet! Sometimes we have Rainbow K magnets as well!


SOME OF THE STICKERS: Mix of small Rainbow K and standard black and white Kilter K stickers + an F-Bloc and/or Haptic and/or other limited run sticker as well.

ALL THE STICKERS! Pack: Mix of Large and small Rainbow K and standard Kilter K stickers + Haptic and/or F-Bloc logo stickers + any other cool limited run stickers we have in stock.

If you are ordering an ALL THE STICKERS! pack there is a specific sticker you want to make sure is included please write in the notes and we'll send it if we have it.


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