About Kilter Grips

Ian Powell is a fine art sculptor who has been a climber and hold shaper for decades. Kilter is his newest company and with Kilter Ian is applying his years of experience and artistic ability to create fresh grips so necessary you'll be surprised no one has thought of them before.

Kilter Grips are organized into four main lines with unique characteristics that compliment each other aesthetically and practically, so you can set full routes with any Kilter style (or a mix of Kilter styles) and know that they'll look good on the wall, feel good on the hands, and make your climbers and setters happy.

Haptic Grips are a sub-line of Kilter. Haptic are made by key setters, shapers, and climbers who are working closely with Ian to develop their own lines of grips. Haptic shapers include Will Anglin, Keith Dickey, Peter Juhl, Jeremy Ho, Joel Zerr, Jimmy Webb, and Alex Puccio.

The Kilter and Haptic lines are constantly expanding, so check back often to see our newest shapes. Want a specific shape or expansion of a style? Ian can make pretty much anything out of foam, so shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do for you.

Notes from Ian:

While it’s a shaper’s job to enhance our indoor climbing with aesthetic designs, I always keep in mind that grips are for the hand before the eyes.

The simplest most conservative shapes that come out of foam are Winter. It’s the base style with zero distractions.

One step towards the flow of the natural world. Noah's have surface subtleties and waves for your hand.

This is a shape that always caught my eye on rock. I isolated it and started working with it and it blew up. It keeps surprising me. I started with medium edges then found it makes brilliant foot holds. Then I tried some bigger ones and I loved those too. This is one of the most unique new styles out on the market.

Oh sandstone, would I even climb without you? We all know that there are lifetimes of shapes to make called sandstone. It’s no accident that I started other grip companies with sandstone too. Here’s just the beginning for Kilter.

The combination of foam we use for our prototypes and Aragon’s manufacturing has given us a remarkably comfortable texture. Seriously, people remark on it.
Kilter Sizing
Our largest holds, the Kaiju, can be purchased individually or in sets of 2 or 3 at a discount. 2XL sets have 4 grips, XL and L have 5 grips (or sometimes 10), M and S have 10 grips, and XS have 20 grips. XS sets are usually foot/crimp combo sets where at least 5 and often most of the grips in the set can be used as feet or challenging hands. Jibs (screw ons) may have any number of holds in the set.
Kilter US Material
Our grips are not poured from buckets in someone’s garage. Instead they are produced by Aragon Elastomers, the foremost climbing grip production facility in North America, located in Louisville, Colorado. Aragon has been producing grips for many popular climbing grip brands since 2006, utilizing the most modern manufacturing techniques in the industry.
Kilter grips can color match with any Aragon-poured company and can come with UV protectant for outside use (small upcharge), just let us know at check out. For more on this and for other questions please check out Kilter FAQs.
Kilter Europe Material
Kilter Europe holds are a separate line of grips shaped especially for production in Europe. These shapes are poured in Dannomond PU from Composite X in Bulgaria. Dan French has been working hard to develop amazing climbing hold materail and Dannomond is his newest and best PU. The material has held up extremely well through rigourous testing and we are confident in its resiliance. Kilter Europe holds compliment our US line, so you can buy both and set with them together. For Kilter Europe holds please contact your distributor or email us at sales@kiltergrips.com.

Kilter Warranty
Every Kilter grip comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. If they break in that time, we will replace them. But they won’t.

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