The Kilter Board is a modern take on the traditional “woody”. As climbing moves out of the margins and into the mainstream, so too should the training technology. The Kilter Board features unique and custom holds designed by Ian Powell, that light up around their edge using an App and LED light system developed by Kilter and Aurora climbing. Each hold has been scrutinized for comfort and grip style, allowing one to train pinches, crimps and slopers.

 Tired of setting for yourself? Want new challenges outside of your normal style? Our app is there for you, tapping you into a global network of professional athletes, setters, gyms, and other Kilter Board users. Using the Kilter Board App (available for iPhone or Android) the user is able to set new routes or browse through thousands of existing boulder problems with ease. The app allows users to track their ascents and bookmark their projects.

Unlike other training boards that feature a single LED bellow the grip, the Kilter Board’s holds themselves light up. Start holds in green, feet only holds in yellow, hand and foot hold in blue, and finish holds are purple. The result is an aesthetic and intuitive feel that appeals to all users, from beginners to professionals.

 If you are in the US or Canada you can order this right now by emailing us at and we will get you in the production queue. If you are in any other country contact your distributor for pricing.

We offer discounts if you bundle a frame, holds and light kit, and mats. Our white glove service includes a full installation, meaning your Kilter Board will be turn-key when our technicians leave. 

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The Kilter Board raises the bar for climbing training. The entire perimeter of the base of each hold lights up, making them easy to see from any angle. It might seem like a simple innovation, but it's a total game-changer for training boards. 

Developing the Kilter Board

Our friend Peter Michaux at Aurora Climbing in Canada contacted us to work on a new training wall to go with an app he wanted to develop. Peter has been climbing for decades and training almost as long, he and Kilter have been friends for a long time, and with over 10 years as a professional software engineer he was the perfect partner.

With Peter's LEDs and test app and grips poured at our US manufacturer Aragon Elastomers we set to work. It was a bit more complicated than we expected, but the end result is exactly what we were looking for. The Kilter Board Holds are the same high-quality Aragon elastomeric urethane that has proven itself year after year at gyms and home walls around the world. They can be washed like regular holds (brush them or power wash).

The Kilter App is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to easily set their own problems, or browse thousands of boulder problems from our constantly growing database. The App allows users to make their own problems lists and rate and grade existing boulders.

After some time, we partnered with Lemur Design, a firm founded by aeronautical engineers turned climbing wall designers and manufacturers. Their freestanding frame is truly something to behold. Using electronic actuators, it changes angle with the push of a button, and is whisper quiet. 

Frame Options

If you want someone to build the board for you, we can send our specs to any wall builder so they can drill your panels on site or include them in your building plans. Turnkey solutions provided by our friends who make adjustable walls:

Electric: Lemur Design

Hydraulic: Vertical Solutions 

Hydraulic or Counterweight: Delire

Freestanding with Manual (Winch) adjustment 8'x12': Grasshopper Frameworks

UK/Europe: Rock City 

Any of these walls can be made freestanding or mounted to your structure, and any can be made to fit both the Kilter Board sizes. They can be installed by the manufacturer. In addition, the Lemur Design boards (8x12 and 12x12) and Grasshopper (8x12) boards are freestanding and can be easily shipped to you and installable by your facility's employees.

For a professional-quality mat, Flashed, Futurist, Grasshopper, Asana, Lemur, and Vertical Solutions can all make you the perfect protection system for your wall.


Every climber wants to get the most mileage out of their training space, whether it's a garage or a gym mezzanine.

The Kilter Board provides you with thousands of potential problems in a relatively small space. Tired of setting for yourself? Want new challenges outside of your normal style? Our app is there for you, tapping you into a global network of professional athletes, setters, gyms, and other Kilter Board users.

Kilter's whole team--owners, employees, reps, and athletes--is made up of professional route setters. We have two Kilter Boards at our studio, where we get regular visits from professional climbers, competitors, and setters who have helped us test holds and set climbs. Our whole team is committed to continuing to populate the Kilter Board with new and interesting problems.

Testimonial from a gym owner: When you consider the number of problems you quickly realize it is the cheapest climbing space per square foot in the gym.


Ian made over 800 brand new handholds for us to test while deciding the Launch Layout for the Medium Board (8x12 and 12x12). Every aspect of each of those shape has been carefully considered. Meticulous attention has been paid to details like finger position, wrist position, edge radius, and taper. These subtle elements can be taken for granted, but when they aren't right it's obvious. In testing for the Kilter Board Ian rejected many shapes didn't quite cut it. The resulting collection of grips are comfortable, interesting, and fun to climb on, with challenging options for every level of climber. Now we're working on the Hard Layout as the next addition to the Kilter Training Board System.

Comment from a pro climber: I never board train because I always hurt my fingers on them, but I just climbed on this [Kilter Board] for 5 hours!


finger-friendly shapes









The Medium Launch Layout is done and ready to purchase. This layout fits the 8x12 and the 12x12, so the boards can share problems. The 8x12 is contained within the 12x12 layout. The 12x12 has 3 extra columns of holds on each edge, so there will always be more available problems on the 12x12 layout than the 8x12. The difficulty of this layout is ideal for gyms and for most home walls as well.

Kilter Board Layout

The holds are very friendly and approachable, and with an adjustable frame we have kept everyone from brand new climbers to some of the strongest pros entertained.

Our friends who regularly climb V11/12 outside spent months helping test the Medium Launch Layout, and they enjoyed it as much as our friends who climb v4-8. Even our new climber friends were able to climb the easier lines at the lowest angles, and pull moves on steeper angles because there were were holds they could use.

Text we got from a friend who spent all summer on the Kilter Board: I'm doing moves in Hueco that I've never been able to do before! Everyone is asking me how I've been training.

Other layouts: we have been and are continuing to test holds for a "Hard" layout. We focused on finishing and releasing Medium first as it is best for the widest range of abilities. However, we believe gyms should have multiple Kilter Boards, and in our studio the Medium Launch Layout and Hard test layout boards compliment each other very well, so we are continuing to develop future layouts for future training area with multiple boards.


Kilter Board offers a couple of size options and we are working on several layouts (fixed and customizable) so you can build something that works well in your space and suits your needs. We recommend making the angle adjustable, which you can do yourself if you know what you're doing, and we can provide drilling specs for any wall builder so they can include the board in their plans. Please seek professional help to make sure whatever you do is structurally sound.

Kilter Board Lemur Frame

Lemur Design freestanding 12'x12' frame.

If you want an easy way to make sure your adjustable wall is secure you can call one of the wall builders listed above.

The Kilter Board App supports adjustable or fixed angles walls from 0˚-70˚ at increments of 5˚.

We are focusing on two sizes of Kilter Boards. If you aren't sure which wall will fit in your space, download our spec sheet here and use the wall angle/room height guide.

The recommended footprint varies depending on if you have an adjustable angle or fixed angle board. The footprints below include space for the entire frame (including the kickboard) and the ideal amount of padding to reduce edge danger. That said, you do not need 4' between the edge of the wall and a side wall. If you have limited space you can get away with close to flush, but we recommend at least 1' if possible, and of course up to 4' on each side is also fine. We definitely recommend 4'on each side for a freestanding board in the middle of a weight area. For the "out" dimension, that is from the back of the wall to the far edge of the padding. It can vary for fixed-angle boards based on how steep the board is. You can gain some space if you build a 1' kickboard instead of a 2' kickboard. Basically, if you have space limitations we're happy to help you figure out what size and angle board you can fit. Just email us!

8' x12'

  • The most popular training board size on the planet
  • 8' wide, 12' tall upper, 1-3' exposed kickboard (4 sheets of 4x8 plywood)
  • 209 bolt-on holds, 102 screw-on holds, 630 leds/kit
  • All 198 handholds are unique, no more than 2 of a foothold shape
  • Recommended footprint w/adjustable board frame and max padding* 20' (out) x 16' (wide) 


  • 12' wide, 12' tall upper, 2-3' exposed kickboard 
  • 323 unique bolt-on holds, 153 screw-on holds, 1060 leds/kit
  • All 306 handholds are unique, no more than 2 of a foothold shape
  • Recommended footprint w/adjustable board frame and max padding* 20' x 20'
  • We've tested this size extensively and think it is the best size for gyms but also amazing for home walls, outbuildings, garages, etc.. It is the same height as the 8' x 12' so it should fit in most garages just as well as the smaller board does. The extra width makes a huge difference!

*max padding is recommended size if you have pad edges people might fall off. If you have a side wall or other climbing wall next to this you don't need 4' on each side of the board.


Choose any or all of these services. You may need to have 1-3 staff on hand to help the tech with install.

Frame/Wall Install -  You can have your wall builder build and install your frame and boards, you can order a custom frame and have in installed or install it yourself, or you can build your own frame.

Lights/Holds Install - Some wall builders will also install the lights and holds for you or with the help of 1-3 of your staff. This will come at an extra cost as it will take two people several hours to do everything OR you can install the lights and holds yourself using the instructions we will send and the remote support we will provide.

Pad Install - Mats can be installed by the mat company, by your wall company, by you, or by us. 


US and Canada. Includes frame, boards, mat, holds, lights, and techs to come install everything. All you have to do is clear the space, have a regular power source for us to use and hook the wall to, and assure us there are no wires or pipes running under the slab where we are attaching the frame and mats. Email for pricing.


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Send us an email to with the name and contact of your gym, and we'll let them know you want one!

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