Kilter Board by KTS
12x12 Kilter Board on a Lemur Adjustable Frame. Photo by Kevin Takashi Smith


The light-up app-controlled Kilter Board connects you to a worldwide database of boulder problems. 


The Kilter Board is available in 3 sizes with nested layouts so problems can be shared between them. 


12x12 - 12' wide x 12' tall upper board + kickboard


8x12 - 8' wide x 12' tall upper board + kickboard


7x10 - 7' wide x 10' tall, no kickboard


Email to figure out the best solution for your space.


The Kilter Board App supports adjustable or fixed angles walls from 0˚-70˚ at increments of 5˚.


You can buy just the lights/holds kit or get a frame and/or matting system as well. We offer discounts if you bundle a frame, holds and light kit, and mats. Available with white glove service which includes a full installation, meaning your Kilter Board will be turn-key when our technicians leave. 


More detail on the sizes:


  • 12' wide, 12' tall upper, 1.5'-3' exposed kickboard 
  • 323 unique bolt-on holds, 153 screw-on holds, 1060 LEDs/kit
  • All 306 handholds are unique, no more than 2 of a foothold shape
  • Multiple frame options
  • We've tested this size extensively and think it is the best size for gyms but also amazing for home walls, outbuildings, garages, etc.. It is the same height as the 8' x 12' so it should fit in most garages just as well as the smaller board does. The extra width makes a huge difference!
  • 8x12 and 7x10 are nested within the 12x12 so you can share problems

8' x12'

  • The most popular training board size on the planet
  • 8' wide, 12' tall upper, 1-3' exposed kickboard (4 sheets of 4x8 plywood)
  • 209 bolt-on holds, 102 screw-on holds, 630 LEDs/kit
  • All 198 handholds are unique, no more than 2 of a foothold shape
  • Layout nested within 12x12
  • Contains all 7x10 Layout Problems
  • Multiple frame options

 7' x10'

  • Made to fit into shorter spaces
  • 7' wide, 10' tall, no kickboard
  • 165 unique hand holds
  • 60 screw on feet
  • Layout is nested inside 8x12 and 12x12 so shares problems
  • Compatible with the Grasshopper™ Ninja Frame 
  • Compatible with the Lemur Weight Cage Frame (coming June 2020)


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