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Our Award-Winning 12x12 Original Layout Kilter Board on a Lemur Adjustable Frame. Photo by Kevin Takashi Smith @kevintakashismith


The light-up app-controlled Kilter Board connects you to a worldwide database of boulder problems. 
We have an Original Layout Kilter Board (the standard, made for gyms) and a Homewall Layout designed for smaller spaces and home users.
All Kilter Boards support adjustable or fixed angles walls from 0˚ (vertical) to 70˚ overhanging at increments of 5˚.  If you do build a fixed angle wall, let us know the grade ranges you are looking for and we'll help you pick an angle to build.
We have multiple fixed and adjustable frame options available for each size board, or we can give you drilling instructions if you are building your own. 

Kilter Board Original Layout

Kilter Board Best Climbing Board System 2022 Climbing Business Journal Awards

Kilter Board Award-Winning CBJ Grips List Climbing Board

Voted #1 Board by nearly 50% of respondents in both the Climbing Business Journal 2021 and 2022 Grips List Awards, the Kilter Board Original Layout is made to suit the largest number of users possible. The Original Layout is available in 3 nested sizes so you can build in the space you have and share problems with the other sizes of board. New 16' wide x 12' tall largest size coming soon!


  • 12x12
  • 12' wide, 12' tall upper, 1.5'-3' exposed kickboard 
  • 323 unique bolt-on holds, 153 screw-on holds
  • 1060 LED kit
  • All 306 handholds are unique, no more than 2 of a foothold shape
  • Includes all 8'x12' Original Layout and 7'x10' Original Layout problems
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Coming Soon!
  • 16x12
  • Coming soon - 16' wide expansion to the Original Kilter Board Layout





  • 8x12
  • 8' wide, 12' tall upper board, 1-3' exposed kickboard
  • 209 bolt-on holds, 102 screw-on holds
  • 630 LED kit
  • All 198 handholds are unique, no more than 2 of a foothold shape
  • Layout nested within 12x12 Original Layout
  • Contains all 7x10 Original Layout Problems
  • Can be built with 4 sheets of 4x8 plywood + framing
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  • 7x10
  • 7' wide, 10' tall, no kickboard
  • 165 unique handholds, 60 screw-on feet
  • All handholds are unique, no more than 2 of a foothold shape
  • Made to fit into shorter spaces - fits in an 8' room at 40º
  • Nested within the 8'x12' and 12'x12' Original Layouts so you can share problems.
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The best option is the largest size you can fit with an adjustable frame if you can fit it. The 12'x12' is the best size for gyms but also amazing for home walls, outbuildings, garages, etc.. It is the same height as the 8'x12' so it should fit in most garages just as well as the smaller board does. The extra width makes a huge difference!

Kilter Board Homewall Layout

Award-winning 7x10 Kilter Board Homewall Fullride Layout

Kilter Board CBJ Grips List 2022 Homewall Best Climbing Board Winner

Voted #1 Homewall Board by nearly 30% of respondents in the Climbing Business Journal 2022 Grips List Awards, the Kilter Board Homewall Layout is made to pack as much climbing and difficulty range as possible into smaller spaces. 
The Kilter Board Homewall Layout is available in four nested sizes: 7x10, 10x10, 8x12 and 10x12, and also has nested layouts so you can get Mainline Only (slightly easier sets overall), Auxiliary Only (slightly harder sets overall) or the combo of both which we call the Fullride.
This board works on any angle betwen 0º (vertical) and 70º overhanging, and the app records ascents at 5º increments. If you do build a fixed angle wall, let us know the grade ranges you are looking for and we'll help you pick an angle that works. The 7x10 and 10x10 fit in an 8' room at a 40 ˚ angle.
  • 7x10 Fullride
  • 7' wide x 10' tall
  • No kickboard
  • Fullride is full density board, it contains all Mainline and Aux Holds for a total of 305 unique holds with no duplicates
  • Available with or without lights
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  • 7x10 Mainline Only
  • 7' wide x 10' tall
  • No kickboard
  • 165 unique holds - no duplicates
  • Fits in same grid as Kilter Board Original Layout and other Original boards like Moon and Tension
  • Available with or without lights
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  • 7x10 Aux Only
  • 7' wide x 10' tall
  • No kickboard
  • 140 unique holds - no duplicates
  • Fit the in between spaces around the Mainline grid
  • Available with or without lights
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Kilter Board Homewall 8x12 prototype photo
  • 8x12 Expansion
  • 8' wide x 12' tall upper board
  • Kickboard
  • Includes all 7x10 holds and problems 
  • Fullride Expansion Includes 3 extra Mainline rows and 3 extra Aux rows + 2 Kickboard Rows
  • Mainline Only and Aux Only include both kickboard rows and additional Mainline or Aux upper rows
  • 8x12 is outlined in the photo with additional rows at bottom lit up plus 2 kickboard rows
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  • 10x10 Expansion
  • 10' wide x 10' tall
  • No Kickboard
  • Available as Mainline or Fullride
  • Includes all 7x10 holds and problems
  • Includes more columns filling 1.5' extra width on each side
  • Available in Fullride, Mainline Only, and Aux Only
  • Get the 10x10 Homewall Expansion
Kilter Board Homewall Layout 10x12 Hannah Donnelly Climbing Kilter Grips
  • 10x12 Expansion
  • 10' wide x 12' tall upper board
  • Kickboard
  • Includes all 7x10, 10x10, and 8x12 holds and problems
  • Includes bottom corners filling  6 columns wide (3 on each side) and 6 rows down plus the outer edges of the 2 kickboard rows
  • Available in Fullride, Mainline Only, and Aux Only
  • Get the 10x12 Homewall Expansion


Kilter x Lemur Adjustable Steep Spraywall and Adjustable Slab

Available with or without lights, order your own custom light up or standard spraywall with the over 2000 holds in the Kilter Light Up holds division or the over 6000 holds in the Kilter and UP lines.

16x16 Adjustable Steep Wall: 16' tall (14' upper board + 2' adjustable kickboard) x 16' wide. Push-button adjust from 30º to 70º overhanging. Kickboard can be set to vertical or 45º overhanging.

24x14 and 24x12 Adjustable Slab Wall: 14' or 12' upper and 24' wide plus 1' pad stop. Push-button adjust from -10º slab to 40º overhanging.

All other Kilter Board frame sizes are also available with or without light holes so you can still have an adjustable spraywall with your regular holds on it. 

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Frame/Panels/Mat Packages

You can buy just the lights/holds kit or get a frame or just panels and/or matting system as well. We offer discounts if you bundle a frame, holds and light kit, and mats. Available with white glove service which includes a full installation, meaning your Kilter Board will be turn-key when our technicians leave. Just check out at the links above with a quote for the size/s and option/s you are interested in and we will contact you with more info. 

 Kilter Board Big Board and Home Board Climbing Boards Light Up Rock Climbing

Kilter Board Original Layout 12x12 (left) and 7x10 Homewall Layout Prototype (right) in the barn at Kilter

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Kilter Award-Winning Climbing Board 2022


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