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Bolts - Buttonhead

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These are 3/8" x 16 thread Buttonhead bolts that you sometimes see in climbing gyms. They have a flat bottom so need a washer to rest on, and so they fit in holds with a recessed washer (like a Standard bolts do) but are a better choice for holds where the washer is close to the hold's surface, like with tiny footholds, because they have a low, domed top so they don't stick up as far nor stick into your hand or shoe. A good example of holds that benefit from a bolt like this are the Urban Plastix Stealth Feet.

Tighten them with a "small wrench" aka 7/32 hex (allen head) t-wrench or impact bit.

These work with standard climbing wall t-nuts. 

Type: Alloy (black) are used in most applications and are cheaper in price and great for indoor use. If you are in a wet environment or have an outdoor wall we recommend choosing the Stainless Steel (silver) option.

You can also get Stainless Steel T-Nuts for outdoor walls.

Thread: Smaller sizes are fully threaded. Larger sizes may have an unthreaded neck between the threads and cap head. Contact us if you have questions on a specific size.

Select your sizes, quantity, and material from the dropdown for pricing.

Not sure what bolts you need? Need help chosing your sizes? Email us at holds@kiltergrips.com

Other Styles of Bolt: Most holds have a recessed place with a flat washer in it and take a Standard Socket Head Cap Screws (Bolt). If your holds have a countersunk attachment point (normally with no washer, the inside looks like an upside down cone or like a martini glass would fit in it) then you need a Martini / Flathead Bolt.

Sizing: Imperial (aka Standard) vs Metric: Standard size 3/8" bolts are what we use in the US, Metric M10 bolts and t-nuts are used in the UK and Europe. M10 is slightly larger than 3/8". 3/8" bolts will actually work in M10 t-nuts, but because the Standard size 3/8" bolt shaft is a little smaller than a Metric M10 bolt shaft, a Standard size bolt in a Metric t-nut is a bit more likely to strip out the threads. Metric M10 bolts DO NOT fit in Standard size T-Nuts, or sometimes you can get them in but they'll usually get stuck. It's always recommended to make sure you have the correct hardware that fits together correctly.

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