• Kilter Board - Home Wall Layout
  • Kilter Board - Home Wall Layout
  • Kilter Board - Home Wall Layout
  • Kilter Board - Home Wall Layout
  • Kilter Board - Home Wall Layout
  • Kilter Board - Home Wall Layout

Kilter Board - Home Wall Layout

$ 1,620.00 $ 1,800.00


Heck, it's still a pandemic, we're extending the intro sale and bonus pack through the end of the year. 

Special discounted introductory pricing as shown on this page, plus you'll get a free Flashed Kilter Board Bonus Pack including Chalk, Liquid Chalk, a boar's hair brush, a Top Out Boulder Bucket chalk bag, and this limited edition Kilter Neon Logo Tote!

Our goal was to design a Kilter Board that would fit inside most homes and work with most budgets. During development we shaped hundreds of holds to ensure the Kilter Board Homewall (HW) would keep a range of climbers entertained and challenged. The Kilter Board HW 7x10 layout uses the same light-up technology and App functionality as the Original Kilter Board, but has a much higher density of holds per square foot, and departs from the Original Kilter Board in terms of hold style and movement. 

The testing pool ranged from newer climbers to professional, and all of them came away with similar feedback: The grips are comfortable and unique, and the movement on the board tends to simulate outdoor climbing by encouraging precision and footwork.


The Kilter Board HW layout is broken down into two packs: The Mainline Pack and the Auxiliary Pack. Both packs have a variety of grip types and were designed to work independently of each other to allow users to build their Kilter Board HW in stages. The two packs overlay each other so either pack still creates a full board. The Full Ride is the combination of both packs and makes the densest wall. The Kilter App can be set up to display only the boulder problems that fit on the pack(s) you’ve purchased. (Keep an eye out on our IG @KilterGrips/@KilterBoard for more detail on the holds and layouts).

Mainline Pack for 7x10: 165 bolt-on holds that tend to be more generous, with a variety of crimps, edges, pinches, slopers, incut ears, and mini-jugs. The Mainline Pack fills every t-nut in a standard board grid (20cm or ~8" square grid like that on the Original Kilter Board as well as other boards like the Moonboard and Tension Board).

Auxiliary Pack for 7x10: 140 bolt-on holds that are mostly thinner crimps and pinches and slopey to flat edges with a few sets of mini-jugs and incut ears mixed in. The Auxiliary pack fills in the inbetween spots in a standard board grid (so where the footholds are on the Original Kilter Board + the blank spaces used as smearing lanes on the Original Kilter Board). 

Full Ride (Mainline + Auxiliary) for 7x10: The complete 7x10 Kilter Board Home Wall layout: 305 bolt-on holds. The Full Ride fills in all the standard 20cm board grid t-nut holes and also fills in all the overlay grid holes for the densest board with the most options.


The best Kilter Board experience includes the light kit to light up the unique 2-color holds. If you are purchasing in pieces and aren't ready to get the light kit yet you can buy just the holds and still use the app by just remembering which holds are on each boulder. We highly recommend planning to include the light kit sooner or later in your build as it provides the most enjoyable experience.


The Kilter App lets you share problems with other users around the world. You can log ascents, see beta videos, add your own beta videos, tag problems with different notes, set problems (now with draft mode and quick delete), set animated routes, and more! New features are in the works as well to continue to enhance your Kilter Board experience.

If you use multiple boards of different sizes your Kilter App can save them separately so you can use one app for all the Kilter Boards you climb on. The app is free for Apple and Android.

Check out our Instagram for videos and photos: @kilterboard


We have a variety of bundle options, all of which feature a discount when you purchase a frame + padding + lights & holds kits. Select "Yes Frame/Mat Quote" or "Frame Quote Only" or "Mat Quote Only" with your hold kit purchase and we'll reach out, or contact holds@kiltergrips.com for more information. 


To make the holds lighter and cheaper we used Flathead/Martini bolts for many of these board holds. You can contact us for a list if you have your own source or you can select "Yes Bolts" at checkout and we'll include appropriate Bolts and Set Screws. If you need T-Nuts please choose the Kilter Board Home Wall T-Nut Pack (LINK) and we can include those in your shipment as well or send them early if you want to do the build before the rest of your wall shows up.


Shipping for USA calculated at checkout, please contact your local distributor or holds@kiltergrips.com for International inquiries.


These are on a fairly normal production schedule but we are working with our manufacturer to speed them up as much as possible. We can get you a production quote within a week of purchase or in advance of purchase if needed. The sooner you get your order in, the sooner your board is in the queue and the sooner it will come. Thanks!

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