• Kilter Europe - Sandstone Pack 1 - Bolt-ons

Kilter Europe - Sandstone Pack 1 - Bolt-ons

$ 1,660.00


This pack includes all of these Sandstone sets AND shipping to US locations:

  • KX007 (5 holds)
  • KX011 (4 holds)
  • KX012 (3 holds)
  • KX013 (4 holds)
  • KX014 (4 holds)
  • KX017 (4 holds)
  • KX018 (2 holds)
  • KX030 (4 holds)

30 Grips      Ian Powell      Summer 2018

NORTH AMERICA - Kilter Europe is now availalble to ship directly from the factory in Bulgaria to your gym in North America for a flat fee of $50/order + $1/lb of holds. Turnaround is similar to Aragon, in that it varies from 4-6 weeks for most orders, and is sometimes faster. To order, make a cart here and then email us at sales@kiltergrips.com and we will capture your cart and get you correct shipping under this deal. Volume discount is applied, additional volume discounts are not applicable.

The first of our sets produced at Composite X in Europe. Available in all countries in Dannomond urethane.

Colors - Colors are currently Dannomond Composite X colors, which will match other Composite X colors. They are working to match more US colors so always check in when making an order.

Black is the best match. It matches Aragon Black. 

Green 16-16, Aragon's darker standard green (forest, not lime) is now being matched quite closely by Composite-X.

Dannomond's Sky Blue, Bright Yellow, and Signal Violet are close enough to Aragon for some gyms, but they are definitely not the same as Aragon's Blue, Yellow, and Purple.

Composite-X has also just released close matches for Aragon purple 07-13, Aragon Orange 14-01 and Aragon Lime Green 16-09. We have seen pictures that look very close but we have not gotten samples yet and so these color matches are still unconfirmed.

Email us with color or other questions.

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