• Rainbow K Stickers
  • Rainbow K Stickers

Rainbow K Stickers

$ 4.00


High quality die cut matte stickers and die cut Holographic Stickers.

Order holds, and/or a hoodie, tee or tank and request a free rainbow K. Otherwise you can get one in a sticker pack here or with a variety pack.

Sticker packs ship free in the US, may have a small additional cost for International (just email us for a quote, will probably be a few $ at most):

Small Rainbow K Pack: Three 3" rainbow K stickers.

Holographic Rainbow K Pack: Three 3" holographic rainbow K stickers.

Small Rainbow K Mix: 3" matte and 3" holographic rainbow K mix

Large Rainbow K Pack: Two large 7" rainbow K and two smaller 3" rainbow K stickers. Takes a bigger envelope so costs a little more.

Large Rainbow K Pack + Holographic Stickers: Two large 7" rainbow K, two smaller 3" rainbow K, 2 3" holographic rainbow K.

Add a Magnet! Sometimes we have Rainbow K magnets as well!


SOME OF THE STICKERS: Mix of small Rainbow K and standard black and white Kilter K stickers + an F-Bloc and/or Haptic and/or other limited run sticker as well.

ALL THE STICKERS! Pack: Mix of Large and small Rainbow K and standard Kilter K stickers + Haptic and/or F-Bloc logo stickers + any other cool limited run stickers we have in stock.

If you are ordering an ALL THE STICKERS! pack there is a specific sticker you want to make sure is included please write in the notes and we'll send it if we have it.

If you want some kind of custom assortment just shoot us an email at sales@kiltergrips.com and we'll get you sorted out.


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