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Sticker Packs

$ 3.00


High quality die cut matte and holographic stickers.

Photo is an example of some of the different stickers we have made. We make new designs regularly and for some we only get a run or two so if you know you want something specific get a sticker pack and write your requests in the notes and we'll contact you if we don't have what you want.

Packs will include an assortment that will include Kilter and Urban Plastix designs and may include Haptic and/or other stickers that we have on hand, depending on pack size and cost. 

Small Sticker Pack: A few smaller stickers that will fit in a standard envelope.

Big Sticker Pack: Needs a big envelope so a bit more expensive. You'll get a few high quality large and small stickers and/or an extra cool limited run sticker if we have any in stock.

Super Sticker Pack: Also needs the bigger envelope cause the bigger stickers don't fit in the small envelope. We'll send a cool assortment of stuff for this pack.

Sticker packs ship free in the US, may have a small additional cost for International (just email us for a quote, will probably be a few $ at most).

If you order a softgood or holds we'll send you some free sticker/s with, and you are welcome to write requests in the notes. Thanks!

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