• Kilter x Evolv Basic Hangboard for rock climbing training
  • Kilter x Evolv Basic Hangboard

Kilter x Evolv Basic Hangboard

$ 155.68


This Basic Hangboard is the base of a hangboard system we are working on. It has simple, comfortable edges in a fine-foam texture that feels as close as plastic can feel to wood. Long consistent edges make it comfortable for different body sizes and the included jug and edge sizes make it appropriate for different abilities.

Hold depths included:

Rounded Jug (top rail)

20mm edge

15mm edge

10mm edge

Length: 24" or 30". Both will look nice above doorways.

Collaboration between Evolv, Kilter, Urban Plastix, and Element Earth. The board was designed by the group, 3D modeled and CNC'd by Element Earth, and then hand finished by Peter Juhl.

Fine Plastic Texture     2020/2021

Hardware (recommended, not included): Screws, length depends on your mounting method). If you choose "Yes Hardware" you will receive screws in a couple of sizes as the top screws need to be longer than the bottom screws.

Mounting note: This board does not come with a mounting system but if needed it's pretty easy to build one. When mounting a hangboard make sure to anchor into studs. If desired you can use a backing board and then screw this hangboard to that. Consult an expert for help and make sure your board is well mounted!


If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada please email us for a ship quote. 

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