• Font Corner Stacks XL Set 1 - 30º - KX091

Font Corner Stacks XL Set 1 - 30º - KX091

$ 315.81




Kilter Font holds!!!

We've been waiting to get these Corner Stacks back from the factory for a while now and we're really excited about them. We love Font and the Elephant Skin formations and texture.

Corner Stacks are designed to fit into obtuse corners between volumes and the wall and also fit in wall angle changes in some gyms. Will flex a little because they are made of Dannomond PU so you can fit them in angles a few degrees either direction. This set is designed for 30º angles (has an overhang to fit against 30º volumes).

Go great with our Font Jibs to make techy tension boulders.

4 Grips

Fine Font Texture      Ian Powell      Summer 2020

Hardware recommended (not included): screws

Material: Dannomond PU from Composite-X in Bulgaria

NORTH AMERICA - Kilter Europe is now ships directly from the factory in Bulgaria to you in North America. The holds are pre-discounted and shipping is calculated automatically at check out.

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