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Call Kiel (pronounced the same as Kyle) at 720-456-0543


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Kilter offers consulting on New Gyms, Gym Expansions, Refurbishments, Monthly Orders, Home Walls, and Other Projects

Kilter's team is made up of head routesetters who have years of experience setting and ordering for new and existing climbing gyms and multi-round competitions.

In 2018 Jackie Hueftle stepped down as Head Setter at The Spot because she needed to be at Kilter more. However, over the last 23 years she has set for all manner of gyms and comps and has built start-up orders and taken part in initial sets for several facilities.

Sarah Filler spent several years as Head Setter at The Spot Gyms in Boulder and Denver. Now she travels to set and teach clinics with the Routesetting Institute. Sarah has been setting since 2008 and has lead many comps. She ordered for and managed the opening set at The Spot Denver, has done many full-gym preopening orders, teaches clinics, and manages Routesetting Institute jobs.

TJ Sanford is the current Head Setter of all 4 Spot Gyms and has set for comps and day-to-day for many years. He started out at the excellent Planet Rock gyms in Michigan where he also worked at the DRCC and made some of the best dual-tex the world has ever seen. He managed the opening set for The Longmont Climbing Collective, is a Routesetting Institute setter, and was Head Coach and Head Setter at Evo in Louisville and Golden. He is also an alpine guide.

Haptic shaper Jeremy Ho is Head Setter at the gorgeous Climb Oso gym in Dallas, Texas. He was previously the Setting Director of Touchstone Climbing and was responsible for managing the setting program, teaching, work at height and safety, initial sets, and hold ordering for 11+ climbing gyms and new facilities. 

Canadian Sales Rep Kaleb Thomas is an IFSC setter and is one of the most experienced setters in Canada. He has ordered for major gym openings, refurbishments, and competitions.

Griffin Whiteside has been setting for years, most recently at Earth Treks, and has been collecting data on hold ordering and usage at several gyms and chains with different wall types and customer bases. We use this data in all initial hold orders to make sure we are providing the best possible service.

Kiel Mahar has been a climber and occasional setter for over 20 years. He used himself as a guinea pig for a season as we were developing the Kilter Board and went on to have his best season ever in Hueco. He is a carpenter by trade but his big brain was a good fit for us at Kilter and a few years ago we conscripted him as our in house sales rep. He and Griff work together to get everyone the best holds for their needs.

Kilter affiliate setters in different regions of the US can quickly be on hand to help with your project, big or small. We are experienced in setting up programs, budgeting, teaching clinics, and running initial and ongoing hold orders and sets.

Kilter's International Distributors have all been chosen because they are experts in their countries. Contact them for help with orders of any type.

The Kilter Team can get you what you need and will help you avoid common pitfalls of ordering for and opening a new facility, refreshing a facility, or running an event

No matter your project size we are happy to help!



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