• Ho Dunes 2XL Set 1 - Huecos - KHJH008

Ho Dunes 2XL Set 1 - Huecos - KHJH008

$ 579.05


These things are pretty big - two are basically the same size as the smallest Kaiju and the other two are close behind. These four unique huecos with the Jeremy's curvy Dune styling inside are super fun and interesting to use and they look good on the wall. They stick up off the wall more than Lo Riders as the insides are bigger and more incut at spots which makes them easier/more usable on roofs.

The wavy inside means you can grab the hold at two aspects - initial grab then working your hand back to the better spots inside. Most have 2 more positive spots so they are good for matching or tight crosses or bumping your hand up after your initial contact with the grip. Also good for making climbers think a little bit as they figure out where to grab.

Go great with smaller Ho Dunes as well as our other Huecos, Lo Riders, Complex, and Smooth Tufas.

Difficulty: Any depending on angle

4 Grips

Fine Texture       Jeremy Ho      Spring 2020

Hardware recommended (not included): bolts 5" x 4


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