Kilter Board Frame and Mat Options

Lemur Designs 12x12 Freestanding Adjustable Kilter Board Frame with Original Layout (shown in bolt-down mode. Full Freestanding has leg extensions for balance)


Frame Options

We at Kilter can help you choose the best frame for your space and get you an extra discount when you package it with your holds/lights kit. Select "Yes Frame" and/or "Yes Mat" at checkout on any frame quote page (links below) or email us at and we'll send you a custom quote. Buying a package from us is usually cheaper than buying the components separately, so please give us the chance to quote your space!


Freestanding for 7'x10', 10'x10', 8'x12', 10'x12', and 12'x12' sizes. Push-button electronic or manual full range adjustability (0º vert - 70º overhanging). 2' and 3' kickboard options. 7'x10' and 8'x12' can have Original Layout or Homewall Layout drilling pattern on a freestanding or crossfit cage mount fixed or adjustable frame. 16'x14' Steep Adjustable Board (35º - 75º) and multiple sizes of Adjustable Slab (8' - 24' wide and 12' or 14' tall; range of -10º slab to 40º overhanging) also available. DIY install or White Glove Install service available. Ships worldwide.

More info/to buy: Click "Lemur" above, check out with a quote, and we'll get you pricing and options!


8'x12' and 12'x12' Freestanding Frames can adjust to different kickboard heights to fit different rooms. Electronic adjustability. DIY Install or White Glove Install service available.

More info/to buy: Click "Kumiki/EverActive" above, check out with a quote, and we'll get you pricing and options!

More Options:

Treadwall™: Freestanding board with manual adjustability (limited range) to accommodate a 7'x10' size of our boards. Can be drilled for Original or Kilter Board Fullride Homewall layout (Mainline + Aux). These frames are easy to DIY install. We also offer normal hold Treadwall route packs for rotating Treadwalls here.

Vertical Solutions: Can integrate Kilter Board frame within gym builds and install other free standing options with new builds. Push button hydraulic adjustment. Can be drilled for any Kilter Board layout.

Rock City: UK/Slovenia based, serves Europe. Freestanding for 8'x12' and 12'x12' layouts. Custom fit and install available. Electronic adjustability. 

Benky: Germany based, serves Europe. Freestanding for 8'x12' and 12'x12'. Adjustable slab to overhanging. Install available.

Blocz: All-wood frame options available now. Can integrate in gym builds or install separately.

Walltopia: Can integrate Kilter Board frame within gym builds and install other free standing options with new builds. Hydraulic adjustment only.

City Walls: Can integrate Kilter Board frame within gym builds or install separately. 

Delire: Can integrate Kilter Board frame within gym builds or install separately.

ICP: For Australian/South Pacific customers, ICP Home Wall fits Kilter Board 7x10. Freestanding and can be set to several angles. DIY Install. Packages available, contact ICP for info.

We are happy to help with your quote regardless if you are adding a frame to an existing space or working with a wall builder on a new space. Let us know as early as possible and we'll make things as smooth as possible for your Kilter Board installs!

Build Your Own: For home built frames, we can send you grid and drilling patterns, but we encourage you to seek the help of a qualified contractor. 


Panels Only

You can also build your own frame and buy pre-drilled, t-nutted panels from us. Panels will be finished and options include outdoor sealant, color choice, and/or cnc marks for hold numbers and angles. We have several panel partners and can quote regionally.

Most Kilter Board panels are made with no texture; however, if you do end up with texture it's not a big deal as some boards do have it and still work fine. No texture is preferred if you have the option. 


Mat Options

We have several partners and will custom quote mats for each build based on your needs and shipping logistics.


Email for frame, panel, mat, bundle, and white glove service pricing.

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