Kilter Board Frame and Mat Options

Lemur Designs 12x12 Freestanding Adjustable Kilter Board Frame with Original Layout


Frame Options


We at Kilter can help you choose the best frame for your space and package it with your holds/lights kit. Select "Yes Frame" and/or "Yes Mat" at checkout or email us at and we'll send you a custom quote.

Lemur: Freestanding for 7'x10', 8'x12' and 12'x12' layouts. Electronic or manual adjustability. 2' and 3' kickboard options. 7'x10' can have Original Layout or Homewall Layout drilling pattern on a freestanding or crossfit cage mount fixed or adjustable frame. Can ship anywhere.

Kumiki: 8'x12' and 12'x12' Freestanding Frames can adjust to different kickboard heights to fit different rooms. Electronic adjustability. 

Grasshopper: Freestanding for 7'x10', 8'x12' and 12'x12' layouts. Manual or winch assisted adjustability available. Can ship anywhere.

Rockstar: Freestanding fixed angle board to accommodate a 7'x10' size board available now.

Brewer Fitness: Freestanding board to accommodate a 7'x10' size board available soon.

Rock City: UK based, serves Europe. Freestanding for 8'x12' and 12'x12' layouts. Custom fit and install available. Electronic adjustability. 

Benky: Germany based, serves Europe. Freestanding for 8'x12' and 12'x12'. Adjustable. Install available.

Vertical SolutionsCan integrate Kilter Board frame within gym builds and install other free standing options with new builds. Hydraulic adjustment only.

Walltopia: Can integrate Kilter Board frame within gym builds and install other free standing options with new builds. Hydraulic adjustment only.

City Walls: Can integrate Kilter Board frame within gym builds or install separately.

We also have bundle pricing options when you purchase the Holds & Lights Kit + Adjustable Frame + Padding.

Build Your Own: For home built frames, we can send you grid and drilling patterns, but we encourage you to seek the help of a qualified contractor. 


Panels Only

You can also build your own frame and buy pre-drilled, t-nutted panels from us. Panels will be finished and options include outdoor sealant, color choice, and/or cnc marks for hold numbers and angles.


Mat Options

We have several partners and will custom quote mats for each build.



Email for frame, panel, mat, bundle, and white glove service pricing.

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