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Thanks to you, routesetters, we have been featured prominently on every CBJ Grip List since it began in 2014. In fact, we have won the top award every year but one. Read more about our awards here.



Kilter is proud to be an official IFSC partner since 2019. We were also selected for the Tokyo 2020/1 catalogue for climbing holds and many of our holds were used at the Tokyo Olympic Games!

Our IFSC Tokyo 2020 (T20) Catalog holds are a selection from our lines at Aragon and Composite-X that were chosen in cooperation with the IFSC. See our T20 holds here: Official Kilter T20 Selection and the full IFSC T20 Catalogue of holds, macros, and volumes here: Official T20 Catalogue

IFSC T20 Catalogue - Holds for Tokyo Olympics


USA Climbing Official Sponsor


As our US governing body of competitive climbing, USA Climbing fills a vital role for both athletes and hosting facilities. Their network of staff and volunteers spans the country and reaches into our smallest commmunities. We're proud to have worked with USAC as a hold sponsor for the 2019-2021 seasons.



Our grips are not poured from buckets in someone’s garage. Instead they are produced by some of the foremost climbing hold factories in the world. Kilter and Urban Plastix US and Kilter and Urban Plastix Europe are unique sets of holds made to go together stylistically, so you can set by combining Kilter US and Kilter Europe holds or Urban Plastix US with Urban Plastix Europe and have lines that look and feel right together.

Aragon Kilter Grips Climbing Holds

United States

Kilter and Urban Plastix US are produced by Aragon Elastomers in Louisville, Colorado. They have been producing grips for many popular climbing grip brands since 2006, utilizing the most modern manufacturing techniques in the industry. Ian originally began working with Aragon to develop material for e-Grips in the 90s and now, almost 20 years later, we pour Kilter at Aragon because we believe it is hands down the best material for climbing holds. No other material combines feel, flexibility, and longevity the way that Aragon's mix does. Every Kilter and Urban Plastix US grip comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty from Aragon. If they break in that time, we will replace them. But they won’t.

Composite-X Dannomond


Kilter and Urban Plastix Europe are poured in Bulgaria at Composite-X. They are made of the proprietory Dannomond material which is a super strong and light polyurethane developed by chemist (and Comp-X owner) Daniel French. Dannomond is his best mix after years of development, and so far it has performed extremely well in testing. We are confident that Kilter and Urban Plastix Europe holds in Dannomond will deliver our customers the quality and longevity they expect.



Fiberglass Macros

Setter Closet fiberglass macros are produced at Walltopia in Bulgaria. Walltopia is the world's largest climbing wall manufacturer and they have developed advanced fiberglass with a good texture and clean, finished hollow back. We have been very happy with the Walltopia-produced fiberglass we have tested and we hope you will be as well. Just a quick brush and it feels fresh, a quick power wash and they're good as new!

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