Why Setter Closet Grips?

Why do you need a lot of Setter Closet holds for your project?


Gyms need lots of jugs and incuts, and Kilter has a ton of these bread and butter holds that are comfortable in shape and texture, aesthetically pleasing, and extremely useful. Gyms also need eye catching and fun shapes, and Kilter offers for full size ranges of holds in a variety of styles.

Kilter Kaiju and 2XL are big fun holds that people want to grab. They are well featured on The Project route in Sweden, a seasonal project route for people to test themselves against that is set almost entirely with Kilter 2XL and Kaiju-sized grips! 


Kilter Winter, Noah, and Jimmy's Kaiju moving into the roof section of The Project route at the Klattercentret in Sweden. Photo by Bjorn Pohl

Why are they such nice holds?

They are comfortable, with good radiuses for your hands and fingers and the best texture. Gym after gym has told us that Kilter saved them during their pre-opening sets when their hands were raw from forerunning on more aggressive shapes.

They are aesthetically pleasing.

Kilter Grips started with three classic styles - Winter, Noah, and Teagan - that work well together so your routes and problems look good. They also go well with Haptic shapes including Keith Dickey's Stella and Moses, Jimmy Webb's Southern Slopers, Alex Puccio's PinchesJeremy Ho's Lo Riders and Dunes, Will Anglin's Granite and Will Watkins Oz Scoops and pro setters shapes from our sub-company Union.

One of Kilter's most popular lines is Ian's Sandstone which are renowned for their artistry.

In 2019, 2020, and 2021 Ian expanded his Sandstone and Granite lines with Complex holds. Complex holds are holds made to stack together to change the grip. They are cut at specific angles so you can mix and match and your options multiply exponentially. Granite Complex and Sandstone Complex are best understood through videos, here are a couple to start with: Granite Complex Video 1 Granite Complex Video 2 More on our Instagram Account 

Peter Juhl's Geo Complex stack together with clean rounded angular edges that also fit well on volumes.

Complex also include ever-expanding line of jibs (screw-on holds) will help you get the most out of your volumes.

Junction sets with dual-signifier aesthetics will allow you to cleanly mix and match between the styles, even the rock-style and smooth-style holds.

Kilter Grips are directional, meaning they are designed to easily allow you to set specific moves with them. Many holds on the market are basically blobs that can be used from multiple sides no matter how they are set, making it difficult to encourage movement. Kilter are all directional to allow setters to create, and insist upon, the exact moves they want. 


Urban Plastix

Urban Plastix are fun, comfortable shapes in interesting styles that are a good compliment to Kilter and Haptic grips. From UP classic sets like Training Wall Crimps, Squeeze Pinches, Beanes, Bricks, and Stealth dual-tex, to expanded popular lines like Tremors, Not Font, and Speed Bumps, UP shapes are staples for gyms and home walls. 

Urban Plastix makes many sets that are excellent for V3-V6 climbs on most angles, then turn into V7-V10 as soon as the wall gets steeper. This means the holds are very versatile for setting. The mini brick ledges (above) are one example of a fun set that is comfortable, interesting, and usable on a wide variety of angles and grades. The Tremors (below) are the most comfortable, fun wrinkle-texture holds in the world.


Never used UP before? Contact us for personalized recommendations.

More about Urban Plastix and Peter Juhl


This isn't just our opinion. We have partnered with our National and International Climbing Organizations and have won several awards.

In 2019 Kilter became an official IFSC Sponsor and is part of the Tokyo Olympic Catalog. In 2021 Kilter holds were used in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Kilter has been a USA Climbing Sponsor since 2019.

Urban Plastix was voted #3 in the inaugural Climbing Business Journal Grips List in 2014, then took a bit of a hiatus on producing new sets until recently when Peter's newest lines began coming out of Aragon and Composite-X. 

Kilter has been voted #1 Favorite Holds by routesetters in the Grips List 5 times: 2014, 2016201720182019, 2020, and 2021!! In 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 Kilter was also voted All Time Favorite Brand! In 2021 Kilter also won the newer People's Choice award.

Kilter Board In 2021 the Kilter Board won the first CBJ Favorite Board System award!

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Climbing Business Journal All Time Favorite Brand 2020

CBJ Climbing Business Journal Grips List 2020 


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