• Ho Dunes 2XL Set 2 - Slopey Jugs - KHJH009

Ho Dunes 2XL Set 2 - Slopey Jugs - KHJH009

$ 582.95


Four large fat holds with sweet spots that you have to dig a little deeper than normal to find. Jeremy's curvy Dune styling inside makes for super fun and interesting shapes and the smooth exterior looks good on the wall. They stick up off the wall a lot more than Lo Riders as the insides are bigger and more incut which makes them easier/more usable on roofs. They kind of occupy the space between Roof Sloper and Jug, depending on usage.

Go great with other Ho Dunes as well as our other Roof Slopers, Huecos, Lo Riders, and Smooth Tufas.

Difficulty: Any depending on angle

4 Grips

Fine Texture       Jeremy Ho      Fall 2020

Hardware recommended (not included): bolts 5" x TK


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