• Brushed Sandstone Kaiju 12-14 - Ribs - KX094

Brushed Sandstone Kaiju 12-14 - Ribs - KX094

$ 413.27


Super pretty, super useful on different grades depending on the angle. Brushed Sandstone Kaiju ribs go great with all of our Sandstone and they work well as compliments to the Smooth Tufa system too!

Difficulty: Any depending on use

3 Grips

Granite Texture      Ian Powell       Fall 2019

Hardware recommended (not included): bolts TK" x 3 and/or screws TK" x 22

NORTH AMERICA - Kilter Europe ships directly from the factory in Bulgaria to you in North America. The holds are pre-discounted and shipping is calculated automatically at check out. 
Colors - Please read our color options page for an explanation of Setter Closet US and Aragon and CompositeX color variants.
Material - Dannomond PU from Composite-X in Bulgaria


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