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Sandstone XS 1 - Steep Feet - K147

$ 110.00


Jackie has been bugging Ian to finish these for so long that "Jackie's Sandstone Feet" became an inside joke around the office for over two years! The wait is over and it was worth it, 20 beautiful little Sandstone grips reminiscent of our earliest sets that work well as comfortable tip crimps, 1/2 pad crisp incuts, and steep wall footholds. Every hold in this set is a handhold. A great compliment to the other Kilter Sandstone series holds. 

If you LOVE Noah XS 3 and have been waiting for a companion set, try these. If you want to pretty up your wall, try these. If you have a home wall, definitely get this set.

Fall 2016      Ian Powell      20 Grips

Hardware recommended (not included): bolts 1.5" x 20

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