• Kilter Board - Original Layout
  • Kilter Board - Original Layout

Kilter Board - Original Layout

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The adjustable Kilter Board was designed to suit the needs of a users of all abilities so gyms will be able to use the board for their entire customer base. For home users, the Kilter Board will allow everyone in the house to enjoy climbing while the strongest climbers can still push themselves. Everyone, regardless of level, can enjoy the intuitive lights to climb, set, and interact with other climbers around the world!

Join the worldwide community on the Kilter Board! Select your options, check out with an email and "pay by phone" and we'll send email you a quote to fit your specifications.


The Kilter Board Original Layout comes in four sizes. The layouts are nested, meaning each smaller layout is a crop of the master 16x12 board and the crops share all the problems from the larger layout that fit in them.

16x12: New for 2023! 16' wide x 12' tall upper board with kickboard

12x12: 12' wide x 12' tall upper board with a kickboard

8x12: 8' wide x 12' tall upper board with a kickboard

7x10: 7' wide x 10' tall board, no kickboard

The kickboard on the two larger sizes can vary in height but we recommend at least 18" exposed above pads and it's better to have 24" or even 30" exposed so when the board is steeper there's plenty of room to move under it and also so the low starts are more comfortable as you can smear your low foot on the exposed wall. If you have to due to your space constraints you can get away with a shorter kickboard.


The Kilter Board Original Layout holds were designed to work on any angle from Vertical to 70º overhanging. The adjustability combined with the problem database multiplies your options exponentially and lets you dial in your training. You can buy a freestanding adjustable or static frame or you can build your own static or adjustable wall. We highly recommend an adjustable frame if you can sort it. If you need to build a static angle, we can help you choose a good angle based on your space and climbing ability.


The Kilter App lets you share problems with other users around the world. You can log ascents, see beta videos, add your own beta videos, tag problems with different notes, set problems (now with draft mode) and more! New features are in the works as well to continue to enhance your Kilter Board experience.

If you use multiple boards of different sizes your Kilter App can save them separately so you can use one app for all the Kilter Boards you climb on. The app is free for Apple and Android.

Check out our Instagram for videos and photos: @kilterboard


Your Kilter Board also comes with a light kit and controller box. Unlike other boards, Kilter Board holds light up all the way around making them intuitive to grab and easy to see from any angle.


We have a variety of bundle options, all of which feature a discount when you purchase a frame + padding + lights & holds kit. Select Yes Mat and/or Yes Frame when requesting a quote or contact holds@kiltergrips.com for more information. 


We can include hardware or you can contact us for a list if you have your own source. We can also supply T-Nuts if needed.


We quote each shipment separately. For International orders, please contact your local distributor. For help or a ship quote, email holds@kiltergrips.com.


Production speeds vary on Kilter Board holds depending on production queues. We can get you an estimated production quote within a week of purchase or in advance of purchase if needed. The sooner you get your order in, the sooner your board is in the queue and the sooner it will come. If you want a bundle with a frame and/or mat, you can still order your holds kit now to get in the queue and we will apply the discount retroactively. Thanks!

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