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Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. If you would like customized recommendations, need assistance, are working on a big project, or prefer to order through a rep instead of via website, we are happy to help you out – please email us. If you just wanna call someone, try Kiel (pronounced Kyle) schedule a call with him here: https://calendly.com/holds



We have a lot of great options for Home Wall users. If you are in a hurry for your grips to arrive please visit our In Stock section where we have holds and packs ready to ship ASAP.

If you have more time and don't mind waiting for production (normally 6-12 weeks, can be faster or slower depending on order size and demand and the current state of the pandemic) you can order production holds. Please see the Home Wall Recommendations or email us with your wall angle, grade range, and budget for a custom quote and package discount and/or for a production date estimate.

If you have the space and budget, the award-winning Kilter Board is an awesome option as it provides an interactive database with thousands of problems. Learn more about Kilter Boards here.

Award winning Kilter Board light up climbing wall



Click here to learn more about our companies and philosophy.



We have tools and hardware including standard, flathead, and buttonhead bolts in alloy or stainless steel, t-nuts, screws, drill bits, and wrenches!

Our "Hardware recommended" section of each product page says the bolt size that will work for most walls with t-nuts from flush to a "normal" recession of 1/4-1/2". If your t-nuts are more recessed (the start of the t-nut barrel is 3/4" or more from the surface of the wall) let us know so we can make sure you're getting the right length bolts!

We endeavor to include a proper attachment method to all holds that are purchased with hardware included, but unusual walls or deep t-nuts can require longer-than-normal bolts and also mistakes can happen in packaging and occasionally the wrong length bolt/screws will be sent. You are responsible for understanding what a correct attachment is and if we have sent you the wrong thing by accident we are very sorry and will replace it with the correct size but we are not responsible for you incorrectly attaching your hold even if it's with hardware we provided. Seek professional help to make sure your attachment points are correct!


STOCK HOLDS - ship quickly

For quck turnaround, order from our in-stock section. Stock holds are already made so the colors are fixed and quantities are limited. If you need a big stock order, please email holds@kiltergrips.com for complete current stock including our Composite-X stock and Aragon stock. More info on the in-stock page.

US-made stock (Aragon) ships for .01¢ to the Continental US. European-made stock (Composite-X) has an extra discount automatically applied in the cart and will have an unavoidable shipping and handling charge as it is shipping from Europe. Orders to Canada will also incur this ship charge, which is automatically charged on the site for European-made holds shipped to North America. For Canadians and other countries ordering US-made holds, we will pull a quote once you check out, then contact you with a discounted ship quote and you can confirm or cancel the order at that point. We are sorry it's a bit of a process but ship costs are volatile and it's the best way we've found to get accurate pricing.

To figure out where your holds are coming from, sort by manufacturer in our menus or see below for an explanation of how to tell where the holds are made.


PRODUCTION HOLDS - Made to order

In general, if you have a date you need the holds by, the earlier you order the better! If you need holds by a certain date please email us for confirmation when you order. We will double check, then confirm or offer other options (may include stock substitution, order modification, multiple shipments, etc...). We will do our best to help you get things in time so please communicate with us and we'll figure out solutions. 

When you order non-stock sets, the holds are made especially for you. This means you can pick the colors of each set and get the exact sets you want. These orders are submitted to our factories to be produced when your order is finalized on our website or over email with Kiel (holds@kiltergrips.com), Jackie (sales@kiltergrips.com), or Griffin (griffin@kiltergrips.com).

Production holds are added to the factory's manufacturing schedule which varies throughout the year based on how many other orders are in. Generally our factories say 4-6 weeks for production orders, though some can come much sooner. Larger orders can take longer to produce and ship, especially during busy production periods. Some orders can take 12 weeks or longer. The Kilter Board schedule varies widely, so we recommend ordering your board holds as far in advance as you can.

For normal holds we can request a rush if needed from Aragon and they will accommodate it if they can. With Composite-X we can get a guaranteed rush for an upcharge. Shipping is a separate time period that we can quote though shipping times can still be very delayed, so please plan accordingly. You can always email us for a production time quote and a ship quote with either manufacturer before your order is finalized. We will do our best to accommodate your timeline and needs but many factors remain out of our control so please plan ahead as much as possible.


PRODUCTION - How do I know which shapes are made where? 

Setter Closet has several brands of holds, and within those brands are sub-lines. Our most major brands are Kilter/Haptic and Urban Plastix. Both of these companies produce holds at Aragon in the US and Composite-X in Bulgaria. The holds produced at each factory are completely unique, so though some Urban Plastix Tremors are made in the US and some Urban Plastix Tremors are made in Bulgaria, each factory makes different, yet complimentary shapes. This means if you order all the Tremors from Aragon and all the Tremors from Composite-X you will not get a single duplicate hold. They are complimentary shapes, so the holds will work well when set together because they are the same art style and you can get them in matching colors. 

How do you tell? Each product description lists the manufacturer, but the fastest way to tell is to look at the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number in each product title. If the SKU has an X in it, the hold is made at Composite-X. If it does not, it is made at Aragon. The color drop-down is also a giveaway as it primarily will show Euro colors or American colors. You cannot order Aragon-produced shapes from Composite-X, and vice versa.

Example 1: SKU is KX095 so this hold is made in Europe at Composite-X. (at the time of this photo gym discount was shown on the price. Now it auto-calculates the gym discount in your cart and MSRP is shown on the product page).


Example 2: SKU is UP128. There is no "X" in the SKU, so the holds are made in the US at Aragon.

Fiberglass SKUs will begin with KWF or UWF and are made at Walltopia in Bulgaria. We can arrange co-shipping with Fiberglass and Composite-X produced holds, just email us to request it.



Web orders of Aragon (US-produced) holds ship for .01 cent to Continental US addresses. If your order is over $1500 or you are not in the Continental US please contact us for a ship quote and any additional discounts you may be eligible for. Hardware does not ship free unless it is purchased with the "Yes Hardware" option on your hold sets. If you order additional hardware alongside your hold order, please contact us to make sure you're getting the best price.

Web orders of Composite-X (European-produced) holds will be charged shipping BUT the web prices are automatically discounted in your cart so your initial cost is lower. We can provide hardware for European-produced sets, but it will be shipped separately from our US office as we provide standard hardware to fit US t-nuts. If you are making a large order (over 5k) of European holds, contact us for further discounts.

If you are in another country you can order from both of our manufacturers through your distributor, who you can find on this page--Setter Closet International Orders. Distributor pricing varies by country and depends on many factors including shipping, conversion rates, import, and taxes. Distributors often offer their own discount structures, so please contact them for details. If your country does not have a distributor please contact us for help.

Canada - order through your distributor kaleb@kiltergrips.com or order on our website. European-produced holds will work the same for Canda as for US customers in that they are pre-discounted and shipping will be charged at checkout. For US-produced holds, after you check out we will get a discounted ship quote and contact you to confirm or cancel. If you check out with a mix of holds from different manufacturers we will still contact you for the shipping cost of your US-produced portion. Your order will come up as .01¢ shipping when you check out, and we will contact you with the ship cost after the fact. Due to how our website works this is the best way for us to get you the cheapest ship cost to Canada that we can.



Kilter, Haptic, and Urban Plastix are poured in the US at Aragon and in Europe at Composite-X in the best, longest lasting climbing hold materials available. Union, F-Bloc, and Element Earth are poured only at Aragon. Most orders are poured as they are ordered and depending on our manufacturer's schedules, turn-around times can vary from next-day to 60-90 days or longer. Most color-specific orders ship within 30-45 days, small and non-specific color orders often ship faster. 

If you need your holds faster and there is nothing in stock that works for you, we can request rush production. Sometimes our manufacturers are able to accommodate quick production, other times they are not. We can get you a turn-around quote for confirmation before your order is finalized. European-produced sets are available with a Super Express option for an upcharge, which we can quote for you based on the order. 

If you order part hardware/stock and part production, we will usually ship in two shipments so you get what we have available asap and the rest will come when it has been produced.



Standard shipping rates are quoted. If specific requirements such as, but not limited to, residential, liftgate, guaranteed delivery windows are needed then additional charges are subject to the receiver. Additional charges can include, but are not limited to, premium shipping rates, return and redelivery charges, cancellation fees, storage fees.


Kilter, Haptic, Union, F-Bloc, Element Earth and Urban Plastix can all ship together from Aragon in the US and Composite-X in Europe. Just let us know and we’ll work with them to get you the best deal we can on shipping for your order.

We are also happy to co-ship from these manufacturers with other brands as long as the orders are ready around the same time and the other brands agree to co-ship. 



Gyms and large orders are eligible for gym pricing, which is reflected here on the site for all Composite-X and any Aragon orders under $1500. If you would like a custom ship quote (recommended for orders 1.5k or more) or are eligible for further discount (orders 5k or more) - email Kiel at holds@kiltergrips.com or Jackie at sales@kiltergrips.com.

We have several discount tiers for different order sizes that go up to 32% off retail. These tiers can be reached with any combination of Kilter, UP, Haptic, Union, Element Earth and F-Bloc holds on the Setter Closet site (i.e. every hold besides board holds and downclimb jugs). For full discount information please click here: Kilter Discounts

Got a special something going on? Home gym? Cool community wall? School wall? Social Project? Email us!



If you are ordering to the UK, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, or Australia, please see this page: Kilter International Orders

Canada - order through your distributor kaleb@kiltergrips.com or order on our website. European-produced holds will work the same as for US customers in that they are auto-discounted and shipping will be charged at checkout. For US-produced holds, after you check out we will get a discounted ship quote and contact you to confirm or cancel. If you check out with a mix of holds from different manufacturers we will still contact you for the shipping cost of your US-produced portion. Your order will come up as .01¢ shipping when you check out, and we will contact you with the ship cost after the fact. Due to how our website works this is the best way for us to get you the cheapest ship cost to Canada that we can.

Alaska/Hawaii - If you are in Hawaii or Alaska and are ordering US-made (Aragon) holds, check out and we will calculate your ship cost and contact you with a quote to confirm or cancel. We cannot ship free but we will get you a discounted ship cost. Shipping will be based on standard UPS rates. We will contact you to confirm the shipping costs prior to finalizing your order.

If you are anywhere else please email Kiel at holds@kiltergrips.com, Griffin at griffin@kiltergrips.com or Jackie at sales@kiltergrips.com and we'll help you out!



All Kilter, Haptic, F-Bloc, Union, Element Earth and Urban Plastix US shapes are poured at Aragon Elastomers and are available in any color they make holds in. Unless requested, your sets will be sent in a random variety of colors - basically whatever is on the shelf or whatever they are already pouring when they pour your holds. Each set will be a single color, but each set may be different (so all the K101 you get are blue, all the K057 you get are pink, etc...)

All color choices are available free of upcharge!

If your holds will be in the sun we recommend UV protectant, which is available for a 5% surcharge. Darker colors are also more resistant to fading with extended exposure. UV protectant must be added as the holds are made so these sets will have to be produced and cannot be purchased from stock.

Most sets are available with the option to choose standard or extended colors. If any sets you are ordering are not set up this way, or have color questions, please add a note to your order below your shipping address and we will follow up with you before the order is poured to make sure you're getting what you want.

Kilter and UP Europe are poured in any color Dannomond is available in, and all color choices are free of charge. The palette is expanding as Composite-X matches some US colors. If you have questions about Dannomond colors please just email us.

If you set by color and request help with your colors we will help you create or match your palette and we will keep your palette on file to help with future orders. If you already have holds from other brands/manufacturers or are ordering other holds at the same time check with us to make sure we and the other brands/manufacturers are all coordinated with your color choices.

See the Kilter Color Options to see stock colors and all available colors and color numbers for the US and Europe. If you don’t see what you need, write us at holds@kiltergrips.com or sales@kiltergrips.com and we’ll see what we can do.



We are happy to supply hardware (bolts and/or screws) at an additional cost or give you a list of needed bolt sizes (free) for any orders. Most product pages have recommended hardware listed at the bottom if you want to see for yourself. We also have tools and t-nuts available.

Setter Closet Tools and Hardware Collection


All climbing holds bolts are listed in standard (not metric) and assume a t-nut depth of 1/4"-1/2" from wall surface. Bolts come in alloy (black, normal climbing hold bolts) or, if requested, stainless steel (for outdoors/wet environments, slight upcharge).

Bolts are 3/8" x 16 thread.

We have Standard (aka socket head cap screws, which are the most commonly used bolts in climbing holds and take a "big" 5/16" wrench), Flathead/Martini (look like a martini glass when held sideways and take a "small" 7/32" wrench) and Buttonhead (small domed head, good for low profile footholds with the washer close to the hold's surface, take a 7/32" wrench)

Standard 1.5" bolts are fully threaded. Standard 2" and longer will have an unthreaded neck section between the threads and the head. Buttonhead and Martini/Flathead thread lengths/neck sizes will vary, email us if questions.

Most bolt sizes are recommended on each set page. If not or if you have specific questions, please email us and we will help.

Standard Alloy Bolts

Standard Stainless Bolts

Martini/Flathead Bolts

Buttonhead Bolts (Alloy and Stainless)


If you choose the hardware option for jibs or with Treadwall Packs or a Kilter Board, you will receive screws with your order. The screws up to 2" are 8 gague T-20 (torx head) self tapping wood screws. 3.5" and longer will be T-25 torx. These are the same or very similar to screws commonly used in setting and can also be found at hardware stores. 


We have zinc and stainless pound-in t-nuts and zinc screw-in (3-screw) t-nuts available. These t-nuts work well if you drill your holes with a 7/16" drill bit or paddle bit. 

We also have industrial zinc t-nuts from Magic Lab in Canada. These take 3-screws (not included) and are thicker than the other t-nuts. The barrel is 1/2" long and a 17/32 bit is recommended to drill holes for them, or 9/16" will work.


We have hand wrenches, impact-end 5/16th bits (regular setting hex bit)7/32nds (martini/flathead/buttonhead bolt size), both in a kit, and impact-end T-20 bits available.


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