• Kilter S24 Catalogue Set - Complete (Aragon + Composite-X)

Kilter S24 Catalogue Set - Complete (Aragon + Composite-X)

$ 27,159.90


All Kilter holds from both manufacturers that are part of the IFSC S24 Official Catalogue.

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Difficulty: Any depending on set

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470 Grips    

Brushed Sandstone Texture, Granite Texture, Smooth Texture    

Shaped by Ian Powell, Jimmy Webb, Peter Juhl and Aroldo Silva

Materials: Aragon PU from Colorado USA and Dannomond PU from Composite-X in Bulgaria

Colors - Please read our color options page for an explanation of Setter Closet US and Europe color variants and color matching.



This pack contains (Composite X Holds):

Noah L4 - Pinches, Noah XL12 - Pinches, Winter L3 - Sloppy Stacks, Winter L2 - 90 stacks, Winter 2XL 1 - 60/30 Stacks, Winter M1 - 60/30 Incuts and Jib Stacks, Peter Juhl Flo XS 1 - Smooth Horn Feet, Winter L1 - 60/30 Stacks, Winter 2XL 1 - 60/30 Stacks, Winter XL 1 - 90 Stacks, Winter XL 2 - 60/30 Stacks, Noah 2XL 5 - Huecos, Noah Kaiju 1-3 Huecoes, Winter Kaiu 1-4 - Huecos and Noah XL 10 - Pinches

 Full SKU List Kilter S24 Composite-X Only Pack: KX066, KX073, KX068, KX072, KX100, KX098, KX101-2, KX099, KXPJ006, KX102-1, KX102-2, KX101-1, KX135, KX136, KX129 and KX127

This Aragon S24 Set contains:

Sandstone Jibs 7 - Small Dual-Tex Jib Scoops, Jimmy's DT 3 - Southern Waves Sloper Scoops, Jimmy's DT 2 - Southern Waves 2XL Jib Sloper Scoops, Jimmy's DT 1 - Southern Waves Kaiju Sloper Ledge, Noah Jibs XS 1 - Board Style Feet, Sandstone Small 12 - Crimps/feet, Sanstone Small 11 - Crimp/feet, Sandstone XL 13 - Ribs, Sandstone Small 9 - Incut Edges, Jimmy's Southern Sandstone Kaiju - Big Fat Brushed Ledges, Sandstone 2XL 9 - Dual-Tex Brushed Scoops, Sandstone Kaiju - Dual Tex Huecos, Sandstone XL 10 - Mega Jibs - Font Texture Plates, Sandstone 2XL 8 - Plate Sloper Huecos Dual-Tex, Sandstone Complex Pack 1 - Medium Puffy Incuts, Sandstone Complex Pack 2 - Medium Crisper Uncut Edges and Blocker Jibs, Sandstone Small 8 - Brushed Edges, Sandstone Complex 12 - Brushed Jib Sloper/Blockers, Sandstone Complex 11 - Brushed Jib Sloper/Blockers, Sandstone Complex 10 - Brushed Jib Sloper/Blockers, Arnoldo's Roda 1 - Dualtex jibs, Sandstone XL 9 - Brushed Mega Jibs - Rail Pinches, Sandstone Kaiju Brushed Fins, Sandstone 2XL 6 Brushed Ribs, Sandstone 2XL 5 - Brushed Ribs, Sandstone Medium 18 - Brushed Pinches, Sandstone Small - Brushed Edges, Sandstone Medium 19 - Brushed Pinches, Sandstone Kaiju Brushed Big Sloper, Sandstone Jibs 6 Brushed Jib Pinches, Sandstone Kaiju Hueco 4, Sandstone Complex 6 Brushed Mega Jibs - Sloppy Blockers, Sandstone Complex 5 - Brushed 2XL Jugs and Blockers, Sandstone Jibs 5 - Brushed Incut Jibs, Sandstone Kaiju Raises - Brushed Rails, Sandstone XL 7 - Brushed Rail Pinches, Sandstone XS 4 - Brushed Flat Discs, Sandstone Large 14 - Brushed Pinches, Sandstone Kaiju Hueco 5 Dual Tex, Jimmy's southern slopers L1 - Big Biscuits Roof Slopers, Jimmy's Southern Slopers XL 2 - Big Biscuits Roof Slugs, Sandstone XS 2 - Plate Sloper Feet - Dual Tex, Jimmy's Southern Slopers Small - Crimps, Jimmy's Southern Slopers XS - Feet, Jimmy's Southern Slopers XL 1 - Big Biscuits Roof Slopers, Jimmy's Southern Slopers 2XL 2 - Slopers, Jimmy's Southern Slopers 2XL - Multi Slopers, Sandstone Kaiju Stalactite 3, Sandstone Kaiju Stalactite 2, Jimmy's Southern Slopers XL 1 - Pinches and Jimmy's Southern Slopers Kaiju

Full SKU List: KHJW002, KHJW003, K113-2, K133-3, KHJW004, KHJW005, KHJW008, KHJW010, KHJW011, K149-D, KHJW013, KHJW014, K161-2DT, K182, K184, K191, K193, K196, K200, K201, K161-1 DT, K205, K203, K206, K209, K204, K213, K214, K208, K207, KU003, K218, K220, K221, K210, K226, K225, K224, K223, K222, K227, K228, K229, KHJW016, K235, K236, K237, K234, K249, K250, K255, KHJW017, KHJW018, KHJW019 and K256


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