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Kilter has several International partners and if you cannot find a distributor in your country we can also ship internationally.

If you have a distributor in your country but they do not carry the product/s you are looking for please contact them and cc us at and we’ll help you get what you want where you want it.

Kilter has two lines - one is produced in Aragon's famous elastomeric urethane at Aragon in North American, and the other is produced in the new and excellent Dannomond PU at Composite X in Bulgaria. These lines are made of unique shapes that compliment each other so you can order holds from both places and have lines that go together with no repetition.

If you do not have a distributor just email us or check out here on our website and we will contact you with a shipping quote before your order is finalized.




Kilter is available in Japan through Frontier Spirits, aka the gyms and stores known as B-Pump!

B-Pump English Site

Kilter at the Pump Online Shop

Kilter Grips Japan are imported from the USA and are poured in Aragon urethane.



Kilter is available in Korea through Butora! Check out their excellent selection here:


Attn : Joon Heo
#13, Oesammi-ro, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Kilter Grips Korea are imported from the USA and are poured in Aragon urethane.

Composite X Dannomond is also available through Butora.




The Kilter Canada rep is Kaleb Thomas. Email him at

Having a Tour De Bloc series comp? Make sure to ask Kaleb for your special discount.

Kilter Canada are poured in Aragon urethane and shipped from the USA.


At the moment we are shipping Aragon urethane to Europe and the UK from the USA. We have begun setting up distributor relationships and will continually update this page as they are solidified. Some distributors carry product and some will compile orders and submit them together, then co-ship to save everyone on shipping.

We are beginning to release all new sets from Kilter and Haptic via Composite X in Bulgaria. Ask your rep for the most current pricelist. These are all-new sets shaped to compliment Kilter's US line.



Serious Climbing

Caroline Mougenot -

Serious Climbing Website






Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Joseph Wetzel -


Tom Petzold -

Blocz Website in English




Sascha -



Climb District

Didac Casanovas Baulenas -



Climb ICP

Phone: 0421 204 009 

Graeme Mendonca -


Kilter Australia are imported from the USA and are poured in Aragon urethane. 

Composite X Dannomond is also available through Climb ICP.

If you are looking to import Kilter to another country/area, please email us at

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