Description: Super light and strong, vacuum thermoformed macros are very pleasant to set with, and their stack-ability makes for much more reasonable shipping and storage. 

Colors: Right now we feel best about red and black texture from Binary. Dual-Tex macros will have a white slick section and then the colored texture section. Binary can do orange, purple, and green as well and they are decent but the red and black are really great. Work continues on other colors. 

Hardware recommended (not included): Most of these shapes have a flat flange around the edge. We recommend flat bottomed, dome-topped screws to preserve flange happiness over time as countersunk screws will dig through it. Flat washers can be used if desired. Screw heads can be spray painted to match or contrast with the hold texture for a really nice look.

For no-flange shapes, regular countersunk screws work best with the embedded washers.

Material: These shapes are made in 7mm thick thermoformed ABS Plastic. White are 100% virgin plastic that can be recycled at end of life. Black base (full-tex version) are recycled plastic and can be recycled at end of life. Texture and paint are added and can be renewed to extend hold life and later removed at end of hold life for plastic reclamation and recycling.

Production: These shapes are produced by our friends at Binary in Canada. We have a secondary texturing option here in Colorado with Alex Waterhouse at Absolute, and will have pricing offers for that shortly. If you're looking for blue, you'll want the Absolute option and should contact us for pricing.

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