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Haptic means relating to or based on a sense of touch. Well designed climbing holds feel good in your hand, and that is a huge part of what makes them enjoyable to climb on. With Haptic, Ian works with pro climbers, pro setters, and other pro shapers to design new lines of holds based around each shaper's own particular strengths and vision.

Haptic Shapers

Haptic is a sub-brand under Kilter and also includes Ian's shapes that don't fit into Kilter's four main styles of Winter, Noah, Teagan, and Sandstone. Haptic's shapers include athletes Jimmy Webb, Jeremy Ho, and Alex Puccio and setters Keith Dickey and Will Anglin.

Haptic also includes holds from pro shapers Peter Juhl of Urban Plastix and Will Watkins of Unleashed Climbing and Rubber Holds in Australia.

F-Bloc are shapes by Dan Yagmin of Decoy.

Union are shapes from pro setters including Aroldo Silva, Roy Quanstrom, and Morgan Young.

To see the line of holds by each shaper, use the filters in the All Grips section or click here to go by name: Our Shapers

Jimmy Webb setting with and climbing on his Southern Slopers at Earth Treks Golden:


Below, Will Anglin describes the first 18 sets in his Granite style of Haptic Grips.

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