COVID-19 UPDATE: Many people are building home walls and looking for home training solutions on the quick so they can climb while their gym is closed. We have in stock sets which are regularly being updated with more stock as it is available. We also have different hangboards and regular production holds which are made-to-order.

Covid-19 Gym Partnership Discounts: We want to help our gym partners survive this crisis, so as a value-added for gym members we are offering discount codes in cooperation with many US climbing gyms and gym chains. If you are a current active gym member who is mantaining your membership during the covid-19 pandemic shut downs, you can ask your gym for their Setter Closet Discount Code which you can use at checkout. If you gym does not have a code yet please have them email us at and we will set up a code for them. If you are unable to maintain your gym membership due to financial reasons please ask your gym if they have other options to make you eligible for their discount code (including partnership, punch passes, reduced membership, or other options). We want to do what we can to keep people climbing! 

Gym codes are set up to apply to 2 or more sets of in stock holds and/or Hangboards. This is so the orders will ship quickly. If you are an active gym member and want to buy other holds and don't mind waiting for production we are happy to get you a special discount for that, just email us directly with your name and gym name and hold requests. You can copy-paste your cart into an email.

If your gym discount code is not working please email us at so we can help!



.01¢ SHIPPING: All Setter Closet holds produced at Aragon (US-produced) purchased from the website will ship for .01¢ in the Continental US. This discount is applied automatically when you select these sets.

AUTOMATIC DISCOUNTS: Most products are eligible for an automatic discount if your cart is over $500. Unless we are running a different sale, this discount will auto-apply at checkout. If we are running a different sale and this auto-discount doesn't show up on your cart over $500, contact us for the sale code!

OVER $1,500: If you are ordering more than $1.5k of holds please contact us so we can get you a ship quote and also make sure you get the best price on your holds. Gym discounts and more are available at different price points, and we have super-bulk discounts up to 32% off for the largest orders! Email for more information.

CANADA: For our customers in Canada, we'll need to get you a ship quote on any sized order but we're happy to get you a Canada discount so please email Kaleb at for that info.  

INTERNATIONAL: If you are a gym in another country please contact your distributor on our International distributor page for information on their discount structures.

COMPOSITE-X PRODUCED: If you are ordering holds from our European line (produced at Composite-X) they can still be shipped to you anywhere in North America. The web prices are discounted (gym price) and will be charged shipping but you can checkout online for orders under 5k and get the same price you'd get from ordering through your rep. Email

TL;DR: Aragon-produced up to $1,500 ship for .01¢ to the US if you order and check out online. Composite-X holds are automatially discounted online, but you have to pay shipping which is calculated at check out. If you are only ordering a few smaller sets, Aragon will be cheaper than Composite-X produced.

FINANCING: Setter Closet is happy to offer financing on hold purchases through PayPal credit or through the Splitit link at checkout. Please reach out to with any questions!

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Home Gyms, Camps, and College Walls

You get .01¢ shipping on Aragon-produced holds ordered online and gym discount on European-produced holds (order online and it auto-calculates shipping to North American addresses)! An autodiscount will apply for most carts over $500 (some products, like downclimb jugs, are pre-disocounted and this does not apply to them). If over 1.5K (US-produced) or 5k (Europe-produced) you get an additional discount - please email us for the best deal!


Bolts & Hardware

We have standard bolts available for purchase with each set. You can just get bolts for some sets, or for your full order. You can also order additional bolts and other hardware from us in a range of sizes, just let us know at checkout or via email what you need and we'll help you out.

Tools and Hardware

Have your own source? We can also provide a standard bolt sizes list for any order. Just ask!



Let us help you get a great deal on the grips that have been voted #1 in 2014, 20162017201820192020, and 2021 on the Climbing Business Journal's Grips List! In 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 we were also voted All Time Favorite Brand! Also in 2014 UP was voted #3 favorite brand before taking a bit of a hiatus from new grips which left him off the list for a few years. Now he's back and better than ever!

The Kilter Board won the first ever CBJ Favorite Board System vote with nearly 50% of the total vote!

How do you get a big discount on Setter Closet holds?

Setter Closet has one of the world's largest selection  of climbing holds, so you can easily reach our second tier discount without any repetition, though if you want to get multiple copies of some sets and none of others that's fine too. Any combo of Kilter, Haptic, F-Bloc and UP qualifies as long as they are produced at Aragon. Once you hit the tier we'll give you the discount on anything you order from Europe as well, and don't forget that year-long extra discount on follow-up orders from either manufacturer that comes with 1st or 2nd tier bulk purchases!

Bulk tier orders can also be split between multiple facilities in the same chain, so order a full line plus double kaiju for your new gym and then refresh the holds at your other gyms as well, all at a great discount.

Kilter Boards are separate as the holds require a different process to make but we have package deals with discounts on the Kilter Board with our tiers as well as packages including Adjustable Board Frames and padding. 

Why do you need a lot of Kilter and Urban Plastix for your project? Click here.

Discount Tiers for North America

This discount structure is active as of 2.1.2019 and applies to customers in North America. All International customers please contact the distributor in your country. 

Discounts are based on the combined retail total of all Setter Closet brands - Kilter, Urban Plastix, Haptic, and F-Bloc. This does NOT include Kilter Boards, as those have separate pricing from our manufacturer and have their own discounts/package offerings though we do do combo packages so please email us if you are interested in more info on that.

Holds using standard discounts described here do not ship for .01¢. It's either-or, if you are ordering less than 1.5k it may be cheaper to do the web price with .01¢  shipping. If you're ordering more than 1.5k or are also getting a Kilter Board with your other holds it's probably cheaper to contact us for a gym discount and ship quote. We are happy to compare for you if you're on the fence.

Standard Discounts (Kilter Boards not included)

Gym Discount - equivalent to 20% off retail

5k  -  +1% off = 21% off retail

10k  -  +2% off = 22% off retail

15k  -  +3% off = 23% off retail

20k  -  +4% off = 24% off retail

28k  -  +5% off = 25% off retail

Super Bulk Tier Discounts - 28% and 32% off (Kilter Boards not included)

Bulk Tier 1:  +8% off = 28% off retail. Make an order of 36k retail or above from our brands produced at Aragon. Get there however you like, but for some perspective, this tier can be overshot with one copy of just the Kilter/Haptic/F-Bloc holds. Now that we have Urban Plastix too you can get a 1st tier discount without even getting a full run of everything we make. At 28% off retail you pay more like 26k plus s&h, and you also get a follow-up order discount of 24% off retail on any orders you make in the next calendar year. Once you've hit this tier with only Aragon-produced holds, we will extend the same discount on holds to anything you want to order from our European production as well.

Bulk Tier 2:  +12% off = 32% off retail. Make an order of 61k retail or above from our brands produced at Aragon, and you pay more like 42k plus s&h. You also get a follow-up discount of 26% off retail on any orders you make in the following 12 months.  Once you've hit this tier with only Aragon-produced holds, we will extend the same discount on holds to anything you want to order from our European production as well.

Bulk Tier 1 and Bulk Tier 2 orders can be split between (and shipped to) multiple facilities in the same chain as long as the orders are made at the same time.

Bulk Tier 1 and Bulk Tier 2 orders can be any combination of holds from any of our brands - Kilter, Haptic, F-Bloc, and Urban Plastix - as long as they are produced in the US at Aragon.

Don't forget to ask about a package that includes a Kilter Board!

Fill your new gym and refresh your existing facilities at the best deal we can offer.


Ordering for a Gym in North America

We are *still* working on a bulk online order form, but until then:

If you are a climbing gym in North America and want to order online please make a cart.

For the Continental US, if it's below $1,500 it's probably cheapest to just check out and get the .01¢ shipping.

If you're in Canada or if your order is above $1,500 please contact us so we can make sure you're getting the best deal.

You can use the Contact tab or send us an email at (US) or (Canada) so we can get you the best deal.


Email us and we'll send you a current order form to fill out.


Email us with what you are looking for (i.e. "I'm opening a new gym and would like help ordering" or "I have a 30 degree wall and want full hand incut crimps in the V4-V6 range" or whatever it is you need) and we will help you put an order together.


New Gyms, Gym Expansions, and Refurbishments

Opening a new facility or expanding? You need a bulk order. Our line of holds and discount structure is specially designed to make it easy on new projects and expansions. Let us help you get the best grips at a competitive price.

Don't forget to plan space for a Kilter Board and ask about a combination discount package!



Our Setter Closet team is made up of head routesetters and setters who have years of experience setting and ordering for new and existing climbing gyms and multi-round competitions. To help with ordering we have gathered over a year of real-gym use metrics from multiple facilities. These metrics help us fine tune new gym orders to fit the needs of your gym based on gym size, wall angles, projected setting, and backstock. 

We also work closely with the Routesetting Institute team. All Routesetting Institute Setters have managed a setting program and done preopening and regular orders for multiple gyms including all holds, volumes, and setting department needs, managed preopening sets, and organized and set for major competitions.

Canadian Sales Rep Kaleb Thomas is one of the most experienced setters in Canada and has ordered for major gym openings, refurbishments, and competitions.

The Setter Closet Team can get you what you need and will help you avoid common pitfalls of ordering for and opening a new facility, refreshing a facility, or running an event. 

Contact us for references.

No matter your project size we are happy to help!




Ordering for a Gym in another country

Please see our International Orders page to find your distributor. If you are having trouble contacting them, please email us at and we will help you get in touch.


Events and Sponsorships

Having an event? Ask us about our event packages.



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