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Kilter Board Best Climbing Training Board

Kilter Board Kilter Grips 2021 Best Climbing Board Light Up Holds

Kilter Grips Kilter Board Best Climbing Board 2021 CBJ Grips List

“Kilter does an incredible job of noticing gaps in climbing styles or shapes in the indoor climbing environment,” says Kori Cuthbert, Managing Partner of The Hive Winnipeg. “Time after time they release a new line or solution with a genuine understanding of how to make setters’ lives better.”

“No other hold company has nearly as extensive of a catalog as Kilter and their other brands.”

"Other comments from setters included “consistent ergonomics,” “comfort and durability,” “highly functional shapes,” and “killer aesthetics.”"

2022: “Good, long term R&D has produced a super ergonomic training wall with something for everyone,” says Jordan Grant, Head Routesetter at Beta Park Bouldering in Tasmania, Australia. “I think they have opened the door for huge innovation in this space."

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“Ian’s rock textures could give Mother Nature a run for her money.”

“Kilter is one of the few companies to really hit almost every selling point in the hold market. Whether you’re looking for a smooth, modern shape for competition, a finely sculpted realistic texture for aesthetics, or anything in between, Kilter has you covered. Their holds also manage to look at home anywhere, from the largest commercial gyms to the smallest university wall. Their attention to detail and consistent release of new shapes make it my go-to for any order.”

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