Complex system holds are designed to work together so you can adjust and modify the grips. This means each grip can be combined with other Complex holds or used against volumes or wall angle changes to create new and different shapes. 

What does this mean? It means instead of buying a 20 pack of holds and getting 20 holds, you get tons of grip possibilities in each set. Each additional Complex pack you add on multiplies your combo options exponentially.

Granite Complex feel the most like real rock and have fine-grained Granite texture. Many of the larger shapes can be used as incut holds on easier climbs or blocked to be quite challenging for the hardest climbs.

Brushed Sandstone Complex have Sandstone lines with a pleasant brushed texture that makes slopey shapes more interesting and intricate.

Geo Complex are smooth angular sets shaped by Peter Juhl. These work well with other smooth series holds and blend in well with volumes.

All the Complex series holds are great for competitions as you can change out blockers between rounds to easily change the difficulty of a climb without making major changes to the sequence.

You can combine styles, set with volumes, work with wall angles...whatever you like!

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