Here are some sets we know are great for home walls. They're either useful grips at a good price, bigger comfy sets we know you'll love, training sets for the hardcore crimpers among us, Complex sets where you can combine the holds different ways (so one set turns into a ton of possible holds), or Kaiju that work well in home wall situations because they provide a cool feature that can be used on climbs of various grades without taking over the whole wall.

If you don't see what you're looking for keep scrolling down, there are lots of sets to consider. Also some of these sets have larger styles they're attached to, so if you want other holds that match just search the rest of the site with a keyword like "moses" or "dunes". 

Sometimes we have stock. You can check the In Stock menu at the top of your screen or look for (Stock) next to sets on this page. Stock sets are already made so color options are limited.

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