• Smooth Tufa 41 - End Caps - Irregular Badges - KXST041

Smooth Tufa 41 - End Caps - Irregular Badges - KXST041

$ 101.85


The Smooth Tufa System lets you set showpiece routes and problems on your walls. From huge huecoto interlocking features to vines all the way up your walls, the modular Smooth Tufa System stands out.

Smooth Tufa 41 is a variety of end caps - some simple, some organic, and some with a slopey spot on the back. Can be used as feet, crimps, or pinches as well. One connection end per each end cap.

Modular - each Smooth Tufa piece has one or multiple places to connect to other tufa pieces. Connect them or use end caps to set them individually. This modular system can be set on any angle and can be used on easy climbs and hard ones.

Super strong and flexible Dannomond. Produced at Composite-X and available worldwide.

10 Pieces

Super Fine Texture      Ian Powell      Summer 2019

Hardware recommended (not included): Screws x 30

Email us at holds@kiltergrips.com to set up your Smooth Tufa package. 

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