• Flö Fiberglass Daikaiju 1 - Mega Casper Hueco - KWF013

Flö Fiberglass Daikaiju 1 - Mega Casper Hueco - KWF013

$ 235.88


Big smooth low profile hueco with some more positive parts and some slopier spots. Looks good on the wall. Goes with Pete's Casper Hueco screw ons and all other smooth holds.

1 Very Large Fiberglass Macro

Medium/Fine Texture      Peter Juhl      Summer 2020

Hardware recommended (not included): bolt and/or screws

Material: Fiberglass from Walltopia in Bulgaria. Very happy with the texture and hollow backs. Available in bolt-on w/screw points or screw-on only. Bolt hole will be fairly tight to the bolt head.

NORTH AMERICA - Kilter Fiberglass ships directly from the factory in Bulgaria to you in North America.

*ALERT* Walltopia fiberglass/macro products and items may incur additional, post-checkout shipping fees. 

Colors - Fiberglass colors are not exactly the same as regular hold colors. We will update our color options page as we have more examples of fiberglass colors to compare. Black is always a good bet. Their Blue is nice but matches better with Aragon Blue PU than Composite-X Sky Blue PU.


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