• Gym Packages & Training Spaces
  • Gym Packages & Training Spaces
  • Gym Packages & Training Spaces
  • Gym Packages & Training Spaces

Gym Packages & Training Spaces

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The Kilter Board bundle is just the beginning.

Let our experienced team help you get the right hold order for your needs. Add pads and adjustable walls. Make the ultimate training area with adjustable Kilter Boards and adjustable Kilter x Lemur Slabs and Steep Walls! 

We have helped a number of commercial training specific facilities open and offer comprehensive packages that include holds, walls, board systems, and pads. Going with Kilter for these portions of your opening order has a number of perks:

-We can discount your entire standard hold order at preferred pricing tiers which are custom tailored to each facility.

- Our competitive flooring costs come with a credit that can be used towards additional product on your order. Our flooring does not have or require an installation fee. It is designed to be modular and installed by the customer, which saves a considerable amount compared to other brands. The flooring is shipped with covers that are customer cut to your specifications, which open on three sides, like a suitcase. Once on site, you and your team pack the covers with the foam cores and then zip them shut. The seams of these covers are then velcroed together using military grade velcro, and then a top sheet is stretched over the top and velcroed in place. This provides for a double seal of any seams.

- In addition to Kilter Board frames, we offer pre-engineered slabs up to 24’ long. These adjustable slab walls move in the range of -10˚ slab to 40˚ overhanging and are a cost effective drop-in solution for training gyms, and allow gym owners to avoid costly design fees and engineering stamps. They are also more attractive to banks and landlords, as they are classified as an asset akin to most work-out equipment in strength and conditioning gyms. 

- When bundling padding, frames and holds, we are typically able to provide a discount equivalent to the value of 12x12 Kilter Board Bundle (adjustable frame + padding + lights & holds).

- Free consultation services that include building hold orders that include other brands and help with business models and sales projections. Also we have contacts for rental fleets, retails areas, chalk filtration etc. 

Check out with a quote and Kiel holds@kiltergrips.com will get in touch with the next steps.

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