• IFSC WC SLC #1 2021 Kilter Hold Pack
  • IFSC WC SLC #1 2021 Kilter Hold Pack

IFSC WC SLC #1 2021 Kilter Hold Pack

$ 3,708.34


All the Kilter holds that were used at the IFSC World Cup in Salt Lake City on May 21, 2021 and May 22, 2021. This pack contains the Kilter holds that were used on the comp problems plus the rest of the holds in those sets.

Kilter were on:

Women's Quali 1 (dual-tex Granite and Sandstone across the slab in blue)

Men's Quali 1 (Dualtex Sandstone and Granite on a vert wall in blue)

Men's Quali 2 (Brushed Sandstone in red)

Men's Quali 5 (finish hold, Blue Granite pocket)

Men's Semi 4 (finish hold, red Brushed Sandstone sloper, same hold as on MQ2)

Women's Semi 4 (finish hold, black Dual-tex Sandstone Plate Sloper Hueco).

This Pack contains 11 sets:

K201, K203, K220, KHIP024, KHIP032, KHIP055, KHIP056, K149-D, K162, K228, and K229

Total: 66 Holds from XS - Kaiju

Granite Complex Texture      Ian Powell      Spring 2021

Hardware Recommended (not included): Bolts 1.5" x 20, 2" x 4, 2.5" x 3, 3" x 4, 3.5" x 1, 4" x 8, 8" x 1; Screws x 147

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