• Kilter T20 Catalogue Set - Complete (Aragon + Composite-X)
  • Kilter T20 Catalogue Set - Complete (Aragon + Composite-X)
  • Kilter T20 Catalogue Set - Complete (Aragon + Composite-X)
  • Kilter T20 Catalogue Set - Complete (Aragon + Composite-X)
  • Kilter T20 Catalogue Set - Complete (Aragon + Composite-X)

Kilter T20 Catalogue Set - Complete (Aragon + Composite-X)

$ 17,428.29


All Kilter holds from both manufacturers that are part of the IFSC T20 Official Catalogue.

Full set/sku lists at bottom of this page.

Difficulty: Any depending on set

Write your color requests in notes or we will contact you for colors of specific sets.

480 Grips      630 lbs

Brushed Sandstone Texture, Granite Texture, Smooth Texture    

Shaped by Ian Powell, Jeremy Ho, Peter Juhl and Keith Dickey

Hardware recommended (not included): bolts x TK, screws x TK

Materials: Aragon PU from Colorado USA and Dannomond PU from Composite-X in Bulgaria

Colors - Please read our color options page for an explanation of Setter Closet US and Europe color variants and color matching.


This Complete T20 Set contains:

Aragon Sets: Teagan Kaiju Stalactites 1-3; Sandstone XS 1 - Steep Feet, Sandstone Jibs 1-3, Sandstone Complex 1 - Edges and Jibs, Sandstone Kaiju Plate Sloper Huecos 1-3 Dual Tex; Granite Medium 6 - Granite Complex, Granite 2XL 3 - Complex Plate Incuts and Jibs, Granite Kaiju 6, Granite Medium 3, Granite Medium 5, Granite XS 1 - Feet, Granite Jibs Large 2 - Volume Jibs; Pete's Geo Complex Kaiju Set 2, Pete's Geo Complex 2XL Set 1, Pete's Geo Complex 2XL Set 2, Pete's Geo Complex Medium Set 2, Pete's Geo Complex Jibs Set 1, Ian's Geo Jibs Small Slick 1, Ian's Geo Jibs Medium Slick 2

Full SKU List Kilter T20 Aragon: K047, K147, K162 DT, K172, K185, K189, K192, K198, KHIP003, KHIP009, KHIP012-3, KHIP021, KHIP026, KHIP030, KHPJ002, KHPJ006 DT, KHPJ007, KHPJ009, KHPJ015, KHPJ019, KHWA004 

Composite-X Sets: Brushed Sandstone Jibs Sets 2, 5, 7, 8, 10; Sandstone Mega Jibs Set 1; Brushed Sandstone Mega Jibs Set 2; Sandstone Medium 2 - Crimps; Sandstone Medium 2 - Incut Edges; Brushed Sandstone XL 1 - Ledges; Brushed Sandstone Kaiju 1-2 Huecos; Sandstone Kaiju 1-2 Ledges & 4-5 Huecos; Granite Kaiju 1-3 Roof Slopers; Granite Teagan XL 1 - Pinches; Stella Granite Large 1 - Puffy Junction Balls; Flo Mega Jibs Set 1 & 2; Lo Riders Pack (38 - 8 Kaiju, 20 XL, 10 L10); Noah Ledges Pack (40 - 15 2XL, 15 XL, 10 L); Noah Small 4 - Slopey Dishes (10); Smooth Tufas (47 pieces) 

Full SKU List Kilter T20 Composite-X: KX002, KX008, KX010, KX018, KX020, KX022, KX026, KX027, KX028, KX033, KX034, KX035, KX036, KX037, KX038, KX039, KX040, KX041, KX049, KX051, KX057, KX064, KX070, KX074, KX087, KXJH001-KXJH009, KXKD002, KXPJ001, KXPJ002, KXST003, KXST004, KXST007, KXST008, KXST009, KXST018, KXST023, KXST024, KXST025, KXST027, KXST033, KXST035, KXST037, KXST038, KXST039, KXST040, KXST045 (x2), KXST046, KXST047, KXST053


Statement from IFSC:

With the Games being just around the corner, Catalogue T20 contains a full list of the holds, macros and volumes selected for the following purposes/events at the Aomi Urban Sports Park in Tokyo, Japan, where the Tokyo 2020 Sport Climbing events are set to take place:

  • Test Event (March 2020)
  • Athletes’ Official Training Sessions (July – August 2020)
  • Warm Up and Sport Initiation Walls (July – August 2020)
  • Main competition walls for Lead & Bouldering (August 2020)

Furthermore, working closely with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Tokyo Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG) on the preparation and organisation of sport equipment for the Tokyo 2020 Games, the IFSC will ensure that only holds, macros and volumes featured in Catalogue T20 are used at the above events. Subsequently, IFSC routesetters will create athletes' field of play by selecting amongst items listed in Catalogue T20, so as to guarantee the highest quality of the Sport Climbing competitions at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. 

With the release of Catalogue T20 several months ahead of the Games, athletes and National Federations are thus offered the opportunity to train on the exact equipment to be used in the Tokyo 2020 Sport Climbing events. As such, the same conditions are guaranteed for all athletes, promoting fairness within the competition. 

See full explanation and download T20 Catalogue

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