• Mini Board - UP062
  • Mini Board - UP062
  • Mini Board - UP062
  • Mini Board - UP062
  • Mini Board - UP062
  • Mini Board - UP062

Mini Board - UP062

$ 57.98


Original Urban Plastix miniboard hangboard from 2012. This mini board is a good choice for a low cost, simple way to hang at home. It is not a large hangboard. We will be making some of those soon as well if you are looking for a larger board.

1 Mini Hangboard with comfortable crimps, edges, and incuts.

Board Length: 16" (approx. 40.5 cm)

Board Height: 4.75" at tallest point (approx. 12 cm)

Holds (in Arrow-Up Orientation):

Top Middle: 7.5" wide, 1.5" deep (from wall to edge), 1.5 pad, puffy rounded lip incut edge

Big Middle Slot: about 5.25" wide across bottom, 1.5" deep, 1.5 pad, slightly incut flat edge

Bottom Middle Slots: 2.5" wide, 3/4" deep, 3/4 pad, barely incut flat edges

Edge Slots: 3" wide, 3/4" deep, 3/4-1 pad barely incut flat edges (slightly bigger and flatter than the Bottom Middle Slots)

Top of Edge Slots: 3.25" wide, 1" deep, full pad incut lipped crimp

If you put it with the UP arrow upside down, the holds are the same widths and depths but the grips are now comfortable flat to slopey edges with no lips.

It is possible to use your thumb if desired with many of the grips.

Medium Plastic Texture      Peter Juhl      2012

Hardware (recommended, not included): Screws x7 (length depends on your mounting method). If you choose "Yes Hardware" you will receive 7x 3.5" screws.

Mounting note: When mounting a hangboard make sure to anchor into studs. You can use a backing board and then screw this hangboard to that. Consult an expert for help and make sure your board is well mounted!


If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada please email us for a ship quote.

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