• Stella XL 2 - Granite Junction Puffy Knobs - KHKD013

Stella XL 2 - Granite Junction Puffy Knobs - KHKD013

$ 300.00


Big puffy knobs with granite texture on the ball part. We call 'em Junction Holds because you can use them to set Smooth holds (like the rest of Stella and our Winter, Teagan, and Noah lines) and Granite (the edge lines go well with our Sandstone too) on the same route. Start out Smooth and use Junctions to switch to Granite or vice versa. Keep your aesthetic without confusing your customers.

These Granite Junction Puffy Knobs are juggy on lower angles, incut enough to use on steeps. Will be advanced/open on roofs. Try 'em with the Teagan 2XL Slopers, Noah Kaiju Knobs, Will's Granite Kaiju and 2XL slopers, and everything in the Stella line. 

Intermediate/Advanced      5 Grips

Granite Texture      Keith Dickey      Summer 2017

Hardware recommended (not included): bolts (TK)

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