• Tom Randall Roof Crack Boulder Problem // Video Pack

Tom Randall Roof Crack Boulder Problem // Video Pack

$ 3,437.83


Granite Complex can be used for crack climbing too!

This pack contains all the sets that were used (in full or in part) to make the roof crack featured on our Youtube in the video of Tom Randall setting and climbing a crack boulder problem at a couple of different angles.


The sets he used are in listed by sku at bottom of this page. This pack contains the full sets, so if the boulder in the video had 1 hold on it from a set of 10, this pack contains all 10 of that set. Our manufacturer will only make them in full sets but this means you hav more matching holds to choose from and can set all kinds of stuff with the pack!

Difficulty: Any depending on how you use them

Write your color requests in notes or we will contact you for colors of specific sets.

This Aragon Granite Complex Pack Contains:

K212 (4 pack), KHIP035 (6 pack), KHIP049 (2 pack), KHIP044 (4 pack), KHIP043 (4 pack), KHIP033 (3 pack), KHIP040-2 (1), KHIP067 (10), KHIP060 (10), KHIP058 (2 pack) and KHIP032 (11 pack)

57 Grips      Ian Powell      142 lbs

Mod Granite Texture  

Hardware recommended (not included): bolts and screws

Materials: Aragon PU from Colorado USA

Shipping: This pack is pre-discounted 25% and so will have a shipping and handling charge for Lower 48. For other States/Islands/International please go through your distributor or, if no distributor, just check out here and we will contact you with a full ship quote to accept before your order is finalized. Thanks!


Want to make your pack bigger? Here are some other complimentary sets you can order in addition. These are NOT INCLUDED with this pack but you can order them at the same time to be manufactured and shipped together!

KHIP045 (vertical sided Granite Complex edges)

KHIP034 (incut horn jugs with a vertical side to stack against other vertical Complex edges)

KHIP036 (small blocky incuts, some with a vertical side to stack against vertical Complex edges)

Basically any other Granite or Granite Complex will go well with these! Email us at sales@kiltergrips.com for recommendations and to help build your Complex pack. Thanks!


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