• Treadwall™ - Kilter Route 6 - Mini Jugs

Treadwall™ - Kilter Route 6 - Mini Jugs

$ 459.82


We teamed up with Treadwall™ to create some routes for their famous rotating walls. 

Route 6 - Mini Jugs

You can make this route any difficulty though they will mostly be easy and medium. 

Puffy mini jugs with a mixed foothold set so you can adjust the difficulty.

20 Handholds and 20 Footholds

Shaped by Ian Powell

Hardware recommended (not included): Bolts 40 x 1.5"; Screws 40 x 2"

Attachment tools needed (North America): 5/16" hex wrench or hex bit; screw bit to fit whatever screws you use.

This route includes: K167 (Winter Medium 17 - Mini Jugs), K170 (Winter Medium 19 - Mini Jugs) and K018 (Teagan XS 1 - Steep Feet)

If you want another mini-jug or big puffy incut route check out Treadwall Route 2. If you want bigger jugs go with Treadwall Route 1. For custom set ups email us at holds@kiltergrips.com for a custom set up!

Set screws are not compulsory but are recommended to keep the holds from spinning over time, especially as most Treadwalls are only reset occasionally.

If you choose "Yes Hardware" you will get the above hardware plus an impact ready hex bit for the bolts and an impact ready torx bit that fits the included T-20 screws.

Buy individual routes or get the 6 route pack. Want something different? Email us at holds@kiltergrips.com for customized Treadwall™ packages to suit your needs.

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