• WICS 2023 Booth Packs
  • WICS 2023 Booth Packs

WICS 2023 Booth Packs

$ 2,972.37


The sets from our booth at WICS 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria

The full pack WICS Pack 1 includes the full booth we ordered -- displayed holds plus the rest of the holds in the sets that were ordered for this. Otherwise you can buy a smaller pack that includes just the sets in Blue, Green, or Yellow. Set lists below:

Blue (WICS Pack 2) - 17 sets

Green (WICS Pack 3) - 21 sets

Yellow (WICS Pack 4) - 10 sets

 Green+Blue (All Sandstone - WICS Packs 2&3 = WICS Pack 5 - 38 sets)

Hardware not included

These packs are pre-discounted for the US gym market and shipping is calculated at checkout. For all other orders, please see your distributor or contact us for help at holds@kiltergrips.com. Thank you!

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