• EverActive Adjustable Board Frames
  • EverActive Adjustable Board Frames
  • EverActive Adjustable Board Frames
  • EverActive Adjustable Board Frames
  • EverActive Adjustable Board Frames

EverActive Adjustable Board Frames

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Our friends at Kumiki make EverActive Adjustable Freestanding and Bolt-Down Frames that suit Kilter Boards and Spray Walls.

We have some special packages available so please contact us for pricing by checking out with a quote on this page or emailing holds@kiltergrips.com. Thanks!


EverActive walls adjust from 0º (vertical) - 65º overhanging


16x12: 16' wide x 12' tall upper board with a kickboard

12x12: 12' wide x 12' tall upper board with kickboard

8x12: 8' wide x 12' tall upper board with a kickboard

EverActive frames are available with an optional riser to lift the kickboard above the mats.

EverActive Frames can be set up freestanding or bolted to a concrete floor.


Standard and custom frame and panel colors available


If you get a Kilter Board Layout, the Kilter App lets you share problems with other users around the world. You can log ascents, see beta videos, add your own beta videos, tag problems with different notes, set problems (now with draft mode) and more! New features are in the works as well to continue to enhance your Kilter Board experience.

If you use multiple boards of different sizes/layouts your Kilter App can save them separately so you can use one app for all the Kilter Board Layouts you climb on. The app is free for Apple and Android.

Check out our Instagram for videos and photos: @kilterboard

Sprayboards are your own hold layout of either regular holds or light up holds. If you choose to make a sprayboard you can use available 3rd party sprayboard apps to track your problems but they will not work with the Kilter Board Problem Database as those problems were set for the Kilter Board Layout. So you can download 3rd party apps that will let you set and track your own problems for your wall but they will not be pre-populated with problems and they cannot be shared with other walls. For a quote on this, email holds@kiltergrips.com.

Most people will be happiest with a Kilter Board Original or Homewall Layout and the Kilter Board App.


If you get a Kilter Board Layout you'll want pre-drilled light holes on your board, as our Kilter Board also comes with a light kit and controller box. Unlike other boards, Kilter Board holds light up all the way around making them intuitive to grab and easy to see from any angle. The EverActive frame can be pre-drilled to accommodate Kilter Board Original Layout or Kilter Board Homewall Layout with lights.

If you don't get a Kilter Board layout you can still choose to have light holes drilled in your board as we have over 3000 available holds in the light up division so you can make your own light up spraywall. This will not come with any problems, as the layout will be unique to you. (June 2023, currently no Aurora app support for unique databases, we will work to restore this option in the future). Most people will be happiest with a preset Kilter Board Original or Kilter Board Homewall layout as it comes with preset problems and lets you interact with the international community. 

You can also get any frame/board drilled with t-nut holes only and no light positions.


We have a variety of bundle options, all of which feature a discount when you purchase a frame + padding and/or a lights & holds kit. Select Yes Mat and/or Yes Frame when requesting a quote or contact holds@kiltergrips.com for more information. 


We quote each shipment separately. For International orders, questions, or a ship quote, email holds@kiltergrips.com.

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