• Bolts - Flathead / Martini
  • Bolts - Flathead / Martini
  • Bolts - Flathead / Martini
  • Bolts - Flathead / Martini
  • Bolts - Flathead / Martini

Bolts - Flathead / Martini

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These are  3/8" x 16 thread Flathead bolts - commonly referred to as Martini bolts - that you sometimes see in climbing gyms. They fit in holds where there is a countersunk attachment point (normally these have no washer, the inside looks like an upside down cone or like a martini glass would fit in it).

Tighten them with a "small wrench" akk 7/32 hex (allen head) t-wrench or impact bit.

These work with standard climbing wall t-nuts. 

Alloy (black) are used in most applications and are cheaper in price and great for indoor use. If you are in a wet environment or have an outdoor wall we recommend choosing the Stainless Steel (silver) Bolts option.

You can also get Stainless Steel T-Nuts for outdoor walls.

Thread: Smaller sizes are fully threaded. Larger sizes may have an unthreaded neck between the threads and cap head. Contact us if you have questions on a specific size.

Select your sizes, quantity, and material from the dropdown for pricing.

These bolts are used for our Kilter Board Homewall layout.

Not sure what bolts you need? Need help chosing your sizes? Email us at holds@kiltergrips.com

Other Styles of Bolt: Most holds and the Kilter Board Original Layout have a recessed place with a flat washer in it and take Standard Socket Head Cap Screws (Bolt). If your holds are tiny footholds with the washer close to the surface you'll need Buttonhead Bolts.

Sizing: Imperial (aka Standard) vs Metric: Standard size 3/8" bolts are what we use in the US, Metric M10 bolts and t-nuts are used in the UK and Europe. M10 is slightly larger than 3/8". 3/8" bolts will actually work in M10 t-nuts, but because the Standard size 3/8" bolt shaft is a little smaller than a Metric M10 bolt shaft, a Standard size bolt in a Metric t-nut is a bit more likely to strip out the threads. Metric M10 bolts DO NOT fit in Standard size T-Nuts, or sometimes you can get them in but they'll usually get stuck. It's always recommended to make sure you have the correct hardware that fits together correctly.

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